RosterWatch 2023 Dynasty Rookie Draft Cheat Sheets NOW AVAILABLE in v1.0

RosterWatch Nation, Version 1.0 of RW’s legendary cheat sheet for dynasty rookie drafts is live and available for download to PRO members. Use the cheat sheet the same way you use the redraft cheat sheet. Follow the three simple rules, and an expert-quality draft is guaranteed. PRO Members can access the cheat sheet on their downloads page or by clicking here.

There is one sheet for traditional 1QB leagues and a separate sheet for Superflex/TE premium.

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  1. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

    Glad to be back in rookie szn fellas lets make it happen!!!

    Got my FFPC draft this week with quite the pickle at 1.08/1.09 in my SF Bestball draft.

    Jordan Love is in this draft and I think he should be there when pick. My current QB’s are Mahomes/Dak/Kyler

    Should I pick up the 2 best available rookies at this spot or pick up Love and a rookie?

    For further context I also have the 1.12 in this same draft.

    1. what other rookies are available with the pick? It could be smart to take Love + a rookie.

      1. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

        Draft starts Saturday but I would project A Rich/Stroud/Young all to be gone of course Bijin/Gibbs and probably JSN. I can’t see any of those 6 falling. At that 1.07 I would think if a person needed a QB Love might go there then it mutes this question. If he doesn’t go at 1.07 then I think best left on the board at WR would be Addison or QJ. RB is a toss up and I think it be too early to go TE even though its TE Prem.

        1. I’d refer to the superflex TE premium CS. That is the culmination of all of our offseason work and nobody puts in the amount of travel, research and intel-gathering that we do. Assuming you go with that and those picks are all gone, then we’re talking Addison, Kendre, Roschon, Achane etc. You can clearly see who the viable options are in that spot. I think in SFLEX it is fine (and smart!) to consider Jordan Love as one of those first picks to couple with what the CS says about who is best avail.

          1. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

            Good feedback and I just saw the Packers haven’t picked up his 5th year option yet. If they don’t then I think it’s likely he might fall in my draft.

  2. Post By

    Will there be a list of Rookies for IDP purposes?

    1. we don’t do (and have never done) IDP rankings, it really just doesn’t move the needle with any more than 2-3% of users, and is very resource-intensive to add to the content schedule — but you can feel free to ask what we would do at certain spots if you are in a slow draft. We are in a group IDP league rookie draft as we speak, and can certainly give advice.

  3. YES! This is what I’ve been looking forward to! I’m hoping to get some insight on what to do at 1.03 in a 12 team PPR SF TEP setup. QB scoring is 4pt/pass TD, 6 pt/ rush TD, 1 pt/33 pass yards. Our draft is still a few weeks away, on the 20th.

    Am I crazy for wanting to take who is left of Gibbs or JSN over my pick of the litter at QB? I have a hunch 1.02 will go with one of the two based on his current roster. I have Pittman, so that would be a nice stack with AR, but I’m not entirely sold on his passing ability. But he also has Steichen.

    Based on landing spots, I think Gibbs is an automatic weekly play in Detroit and JSN to Seattle is actually a landing spot I’m over the moon for. And having Walker and Etienne as my RBs 1 and 2 is looking shaky right now. Charbonnet is an absolute stud, so I’m selfishly sour on his landing spot.

    QB: Herbert, Murray, Howell, Trask, Minshew

    WR: AJB, Wilson, Pittman, London, Dotson, Burks, Bateman, Pierce, Doubs

    RB: Walker, Etienne, White, James Cook, Strong, Keaontay Ingram

    TE: Dulcich, Woods, Ferguson

    1. You aren’t crazy, but I think I’d be going with Bryce or AR with the 1.03 — especially if I have Murray. You need to go with one of those QBs. Murray might not be ready to start the season.

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