RosterWatch is Coming to Sirius XM Radio

887f34d701268ae3477df58d14cbb15bWe are excited to announce that RosterWatch is coming to Sirius XM radio.

The epic radio show has gone international Saturday Nights at 9pm central on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports (Sirius 210, XM 87).

We tried to keep the Trashman out of the contract, but he wiggled his filthy self into the negotiations as usual.

We are thrilled to take the show to such a prominent new platform and would like to thank our readers and listeners who have been so supportive. One cool way to engage this season against us and the other expert hosts on Sirius is to enter the free Sirius XM Fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge.

Click the image above to enter in seconds. It’s free, there are prizes, and it’s your chance to go up against us and guys like Maurice Jones-Drew and LaDanian Tomlinson in a weekly league. The grand prize winner receives a SiriusXM Radio, their own fantasy football talk show and a spot in a 2014 Fantasy Football Experts League.

Don’t set your Sunday lineups without tuning in Saturday nights! 9 central, 10 eastern – RosterWatch on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.

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