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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 33: Broncos, Seahawks and 49ers Camp Breakdowns

In Episode 33 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap is joined by Byron Lambert who is calling in live from a rented van on the way from 49ers camp in Santa Clara to Oakland Raiders camp in Napa, Ca. Byron goes over fantasy highlights from his first few Training Camp Tour stops in Denver and Seattle — including an exclusive interview with Seahawks RB CJ Prosise — before going on to preview the 2017 49ers. They discuss Carlos Hyde’s projected role and the possibility of fake news from the Bay Area media about the way his offseason has been covered. They also touch on what pieces could be fantasy relevant in what, on paper, appears to be a fairly unappetizing WR unit in San Francisco. Unlock ALL of their content with a PRO membership at and support the podcast by giving it a killer 5-star review in iTunes or wherever you listen your podcasts. ​

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  1. Hey guys,
    Love the Podcast, but I can’t figure out how to leave a review/ 5 star rating on Sticher, doesn’t seem like they do reviews at all on Sticher??? or I’m missing it somehow.

    Is there going to be an update to the dynasty rookie draft cheat cheat during the preseason sometime? My league drafts at the last possible minute and it would be really awesome to have a cheat sheet that takes into account the position battles, cuts and injuries as training camp and preseason progress. Thanks again for all of the great content and info you guys produce.

    1. Man I don’t know about stitcher, I probably should. Yes, we’ll get a dynasty update up soon. Around this time of year we get a little lazy with updating it since so many drafts have already passed, but it’s a good reminder that it needs a little update so we’ll get that done this week. Appreciate the support.

  2. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Don’t know if you will have a chance to answer by end of day
    but I have a dynasty trade : I get evans and Tyran Mathieu
    he gets cooks and Watkins

    I can start 5 wrs – and there is no cap on how long you can keep a dude.

    my wrs on my team are
    Devante Adams

    Corey Davis
    Rischard Matthews

    Then my traded cooks and Watkins

    thoughts ??

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Fair offer but you are pretty stacked. This depends on how valuable Honey Badger is in your league. You are getting a ton of value in Cooks and Watkins for Evans- but neither is on Evans level. We’d prob keep our stud since you are loaded elsewhere. We’d start Evans every week- the other 2 will be a game of roulette.

  3. Podcasts were great as always!

    After listening I had a rediciulous thought enter my mind. I’m not one to ‘plan’ my draft but given my position, ADPs and your conversations from New Orleans and Denver camps…. follow me below and let me know if I’m on to something or on something.

    I’m picking #7 – 12 team PPR. Looking at Keeping DeMarco Murray with 2nd round pick. 1st round pick – Shady McCoy falls to me. Murray is 2nd rounder, grab WR/WR in rounds 3 and 4. Come my fifth round pick #66 I’m looking best player and AP is sitting there (his ADP is 66) so I grab him. I round out the next few rounds with WR/RB/QB/TE and coming to round 11 Jamal Charles is still there pick 127 (current ADP 121).

    If you look back after your draft and have McCoy, Murray, AP, Charles with some youth are you freaking out because it’s not 2012 or does your curiosity make you feel pretty decent.

    My leaving thought is come weeks 4-5 you’ll know what to do with them – cut bait or Trade on high value for future talent to win the league….

    Thanks to your podcasts – These thoughts were possible. Really enjoy thinking of all the possibilities.

  4. 12 team dynasty ppr
    Qb, Rb, wr, 2wr/rb flex, te

    Been offered Nuk for J Howard and mid 2018 1st. I’m in rebuild, does this make sense for my team? I do have two ’18 firsts.

    Leo F
    D Cook
    J Howard
    Dre Washington
    Jonathan Williams
    Kelvin B
    Brax miller
    J Ross

  5. Post By Baron VonIronCock


    If that’s a rebuild you did really well in this years draft !
    Youre not paying for my advice but No effin way am I trading howard AND a 1st for Hopkins
    one would argue he needs to give you the pick bump considering how hot howards name is right now.

    1. Sound advice Baron. Would you target someone else (wr1) or just stand pat and enjoy the depth at rb?

    2. He has now offered Cooks instead of Hopkins. What do you think Baron ?

    3. we would agree with BVIC here.

  6. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Ask the experts bro – But in a rebuild I keep howard unless someone knocks my pants off ..
    Go find the Cooper owner see if he has a rb requirement .. and make HIM give you a pick compensation.
    Then when the original offerer see’s it, he’ll know you don’t EFF Around.


  7. Hey longtime listener and RW Pro member here in need of some advice. I need to pick a keeper in a 0.5 ppr (no round associated with the keeper). I’m looking at Amari Cooper or DeMarco Murray. According to the cheat sheet they are almost neck and neck, but I’m on tilt about his injury concerns. Keep up the good work and keep bringing the pop, flash and sizzle!

  8. Let me clarify, I have concerns about Murray’s durability.

    1. Barring worse injury news coming out, we’d keep Demarco at this point. Amari has his own weird little health stuff going on right now and Crabtree is the receiver we’d prefer owning in that group.

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