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RosterWatch Podcast Episode 34: “There Will Be BeastQuakes” (Raiders Camp Breakdown)

In Episode 34 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Alex Dunlap is again joined by Byron Lambert as Byron continues his maniacal travels on RosterWatch Nation’s behalf for the 2017 Training Camp Tour. The two discuss Byron’s fantasy observations from having spent two days in Napa, Ca. taking in Oakland Raiders camp. They talk about Marshawn Lynch and Deandre Washington’s roles in the running game and come to a tough realization about Amari Cooper among many other Raider-centric topics. Finally, they discuss some recent news involving Carlos Hyde, Joe Mixon, D’Onta Foreman and Brandin Cooks while deciphering how it affects the slotting of each player on the magical RosterWatch Cheat Sheet. Unlock all of their content with a PRO subscription at and support the podcast by giving it a killer 5-star review wherever you listen.

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  1. Post By

    Dynasty .5 PPR

    Can’t decide which TWO keepers to keep.

    Keenen Allen
    Terelle Pryor
    Doug Baldwin
    Andrew Luck
    Eddie Lacey

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d keep Allen an Baldwin

  2. Using the cheat sheet, I am regularly getting terrible QBs. In a 12 man league, most teams are taking their second qb before the sheet has me taking my first so I am ending up with trash combos like Alex smith and sam bradford or Blake bortles and Deshuan Watson. When is the appropriate time to jump the list and grab a QB. When I have 1 backup at each other position? thanks

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Hi BigB-

      Is this on the 2QB / Superflex Sheet? We have a big update coming for this weekend’s drafts.


      1. Byron -This is for MFL10s. I am using the PPR sheet. Also, if you are coming through LA soon, I own a pizza place here and would love the chance to feed you as a thanks for all the cash I have made in the last 3 years using your site/sheets. If you are interested let me know I’ll shoot you my personal e-mail and we can set it up. Let me know if you’ll be in the area.

    2. If your league values QBs that much, you can always deviate so as not to get completely left out, but we always recommend going by the sheet. It shouldn’t be consistently leaving you with that bad of options.

      1. Here is a good example. I am leaving the link below for a draft i did on the fantasy pros draft simulator. I was pick 11 in a standard league (as I am in one of the 7 leagues I play in). I grabbed Tyrod Taylor in the 10th (I messed up and should have grabbed Dalton or Manning but i had accidentally scratched them off) but according to the cheat sheet, that was too early for Taylor because guys like DJax, DeVante Parker, and Piere Garcon were all available but were way higher on the cheat sheet. I was just wondewring if you had some kind of rule about when is a good time to deviate. How many backups at the specific positions do you want to have before you deviate. Here is the link to the draft.

        Thank you sir for the help.

        1. By the way, I am not bitching about my team. It is sick. I am just saying I had to go way off sheet to grab Taylor (or Manning or Dalton) where I did and again had to jump way off sheet to grab Bortles as a backup. I jumped at the right time I think but I was just trying to figure out if you had a rule for it.

  3. 16 team league. Did something happen to Jaquizz? I thought I saw him on the original standard cheat sheet but now missing from the updated v2.0 sheet.

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