RosterWatch Podcast Episode 77: Byron’s QB Model + Brandin Cooks Trade Fallout

In Episode 77 of the RosterWatch Podcast, Byron unveils his personal 2018 QB model’s final draft rankings, plus there’s a lot of best ball talk — including what to make of the Brandin Cooks trade. Please consider supporting the podcast by purchasing a PRO membership at and subscribing, rating and reviewing wherever you listen.

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  1. Round 6.3: Watson, Edelman, or Juju in best ball PPR? Drafted Thomas+Hilton already.

  2. Thank you Byron for the shout out! All of you guys are always welcome anytime you are in town. I can’t buy you enough pizza to cover the winnings that this site and my pro membership has brought me. A calzone, for the record has cheese (specifically ricotta but we use mozzarella as well) and toppings inside and you dip it in the sauce. A stromboli usually has the sauce inside and usually rolled before it is baked. Byron, if any of the other guys are heading to town, give them my number so they can call me and I can feed them! Trashman never says no to free food, right?

    1. ah ha! the stromboli vs. calzone mystery is solved !! ; )

  3. Tyrod Taylor is not on the best ball cheat sheet. Is he not even a late round consideration?

    1. he was erased on accident I guess, thanks for the heads up; will fix

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    At pk 1.03 rookie draft is a puzzle for me. 1or2 is easy. K.Johnson RB is the 3 in my mind but, the explosive score from the combine for N.Chubb RB is only a few points lower than S.Barkley RB. Is it just INJ concerns that drop chubb lower than Johnson, Michel, and the usc kid? I know where the’re drafted might change everything due to situation. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

  5. We aren’t going to consider Kerryon that highly unless he lands in the dream spot. Chubb was thought of as a Gurley type before the injury and has shown he’s back physically. The INJ is the only concern so yes. I think at 1.03 it has to be Chubb, Sony or maybe Ronald Jones or Rashaad Penny if you’re drafting pre-NFL draft which most leagues don’t do. Please keep an eye out for the dynasty rookie draft cheat sheet that will debut with V.1 in the early week after the draft.

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      Thanks Alex. I f chubb turns into a gurley ill be good with him and fornette. I’ll be waiting for V.1 before the draft in early May. Rosterwatch doesn’t stop analyzing and I don’t stop consuming, like Zeke with his spoon keep feeding me.

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