RosterWatch PRO Podcast EP3 – Live From Seahawks Training Camp

Alex Dunlap is joined by Byron Lambert who is live at Seattle Seahawks training camp. The two discuss Doug Baldwin’s nebulous injury, the running back committee brewing and more along with exclusive interviews from Tyler Lockett and Chris Carson.

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  1. Byron-Which of the running backs in camp looked like the best in pass pro? And did Carson and Penny show good hands?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Carson, and yes both showed solid hands. Carson made a monster play in the receiving game for a TD in the scrimmage.

  2. What’s your time slot on Sunday’s now for SiriusXM. Keep up the great work

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      7-9 EST every Sat + Sun the whole month of AUG

  3. Would you trade Agholor and Godwin for Anthony Miller in a Dynsaty? PPR

    1. Post By Byron Lambert


  4. Post By boricuamenace75

    Thanks for all the great podcasts & Rosterwatch Pro Tools!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you so much for your loyal support. Means the world, and inspires us to keep plugging away for RosterWatch Nation!

  5. In a salary/dynasty/auction league with many keepers do I trade away Alvin Kamara at 2% of my salary cap for the first pick in the rookie draft and grab Barkley at 10% of my salary cap? I have no salary issues. More or less, who is worth more straight up?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Tough call, you really can’t lose either way. I guess with some perspective, you’d have to say this is sell high on Kamara and Barkley is the best PPR asset we’ve seen come into the league in a while. I’d put my onions on the table and make the move for SB.

  6. Are these podcast gonna be on iTunes podcast app or just on the site? Only episode 1 is on there now..

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Pro Pods will only live on the site. The one on iTunes was just a preview of the 1st PRO pod

  7. Post By

    Alex, Byron, and RW Nation!!! You guys are AWESOME! 2nd year PRO member here, brought home the CHIP last year with your help…VERY GRATEFUL!
    Advice needed:
    12 Team non-PPR Dynasty league. No pick until the end of the 3rd round (traded my picks to acquire players to help bring home the CHIP last season!). I want Anthony Miller because it’s ALWAYS Miller Time!!! Do you think he’ll last until my first pick at the end of round 3, or should I trade one of the following for a 1st or 2nd round pick to try and snag him:
    QB- Rodgers
    RB’s- K. Hunt, D. Johnson, A. Collins
    WR’s- A. Brown, L. Fitzgerald, J. Landry

    It’s a great core, so I’m leaning toward holding still and hoping Miller Time falls to me. Thoughts?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d trade Fitzgerald and my RD3 pick in two shakes of a lambs tail to move MillerTime up a few hours…….

    2. Post By Byron Lambert

      Thank you for your kind words, and all of your support

      1. Post By

        Thanks so much, Byron…’preciate it man!

  8. Can anymore content be stuffed into 2hrs? The answer is no. Great show every time. Pop, sizzle and radio gold, you’re all so humble, when the POP is like a Supernova, the SIZZLE is like 1000tons of bacon getting hit by Napalm, and when radio gold is brighter than EL Dorado!
    Love the show, the podcast, the cheat sheets, but most of all the insane tools and content. Keep up the great work.
    p.s. If trash man doesn’t get a “This is Anthony Miller and you’re listening to Rosterwatch.” he’s dead to me, I mean i’ll start recycling.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      He came through! How disgusting!

  9. Post By

    for 12 team PPR (1QB) what would be your ideal draft spot with 3rd round reversal?

  10. Post By Byron Lambert

    I’d go anywhere from 5-9 in order to get AB,SB,LF,AK,DH. Get on the sheet and start counting players in order to calculate your potential worst case scenarios and narrow it down from there.

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