RosterWatch PRO Podcast Episode 48: Week 16 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through

Alex Dunlap breaks down the main slate for Week 16 on DraftKings, FanDuel and Yahoo.

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  1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Sorry lads one more championship weekend matchup for my .5 ppr flex
    Pick one .

    Elijah mcgwire

    1. I’d prob roll Howard. Don’t have a problem if you prefer McGuire.

  2. Gurley Gurley Gurley, what to do with Gurley. Even if active he is a risky play. Would you avoid the risk and go to J Samuels ? Thanks and Happy New Year!

    1. similar situation with Juju — can you trust his hammy to hold up or should I just got with Shepard of Golladay?

    2. Hmm – checked the rankings and found Samuels much higher than Gurley.

      1. i’d go with samuels

  3. PPR question…Need 1 WR and 2 flex out of D. Hamilton, D. Williams, K. Ballage, R. Anderson, M. Ingram, A. Blue.

    QB Brees or Dak


    1. williams, anderson, blue

  4. .5ppr: Dante Pettis, James White, Robert Foster?

  5. Post By

    Standard league, need RB2 Sonny Michel, Damien Williams, or I got John Kelly if Gurley doesn’t go. Michel is a morning game while the other two are both late starters. Trash man flex ranks has Williams highest but the only one on the Vegas Prop ranks is Michel.

    1. i think they were waiting to see if ware is out, and he is. i stand with d will

  6. Need 1 flex, .5ppr: Dante Pettis, James White, or Robert Foster?

  7. Goff or Allen? 4 pts for a passing td. Got 15 from titans d last night.

    Also, Mayfield or Trubisky? 6 pts passing td. Who would you go with as i have Gurley and juju on this team?

  8. Good call on playing Rogers over Rivers. Fingers crossed lol
    Allen actually would’ve have a decent game had those two catches not been called back. (Standard)
    Who should I play as my flex? Standard
    McGuire, R Anderson, Sony Michael or Fournette?

    Lindsay or Carson?
    Ridley foster or Reynolds?
    Ian Thomas, lacosse, Vannet or Uzomah?

    1. fournette, carson, foster, thomas

  9. Post By John Hunsberger

    Championship day!
    Te help .. burton , graham , Uzomah , Brate , or lacosse or jarwin

    Need upside dude has Samuel as a te and he got some help from that last second defensive td last night

  10. Post By Tybee Island Pirates

    Djax or Adam Humphries?? Ppr

  11. Post By Tybee Island Pirates

    I guess djax, foster, or humphries

  12. Post By

    CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Alex, Byron, Trashman and the entire RW Nation…. Best wishes to you all and to all a good night!!!!

    1. Way to go KW! Have a Wonderful New Year! We appreciate the love.

  13. No we’re still awake! Haha full point ppr I need one of these to win on Monday night…I have Jordy nelson, sutton or tim Patrick….Thx RW nation Happy holidays

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