RosterWatch Rankings Accuracy Update Through Week 13

RosterWatch Rankings Accuracy Update Through Week 13
Alex Dunlap,

We are in the fantasy playoffs and we know your roster decisions at this point are absolutely critical. You are in good hands here, though. (The Trashman may lack hygiene in some ways but is very particular about his hands)

After another week of beating out over half of the Top 76 Experts Worldwide as recognized by in Rankings Accuracy (and a #1 finish in the TE category) Rosterwatch now boasts a 63.3% Prediction Accuracy Yield (overall) since being brought into the network in Week 7.

This Overall Prediction Accuracy Yield bumps Rosterwatch to tied for 5th PLACE OVERALL (out of the Top 76 Worldwide) since inclusion in Week 7.

Good Luck in Week 14, and as always hit us on Twitter with all of your lineup questions. We answer all we can personally.







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