RosterWatch + RotoGrinders Week 12 DFS Roundup w/ Alex Dunlap and The Seige


  1. Funchess or jordan Howard PPR

  2. So last minute at the trade deadline I moved ASJ and Maclin for M Jones Jr, Clay, and H. Henry. This week made me feel like a stud. Any chance this type of play from Jones and Henry holds?

    1. Feel more comfortable making that assumption with Marvin. I think they will be solid in spots. I was all over Henry this week, the indicators were there.

      Are they must starts the rest of the way? Probably not. Are they solid pieces the rest of the way? Yes. Keep an eye on the matchups.

      If I had to start Jones every week, I wouldn’t hate it. Clay is way under the radar right now, I think that was a smart move- now that Tyrod is back in the saddle. The volume isn’t there for Clay, yet- but I’m expecting an uptick and actually think he is a sneaky play this week.

      1. Awesome thanks. Now more importantly any good tequila suggestions?

        1. Yes- Don Julio 1942

          If you like a silver – Herradura Silver is solid

        2. And, if you like tequila and want something burlier – dive in on some good Mescal. You will thank me. It’s like Mexican scotch. It’s the jam, once tequila becomes too tame for you.

          1. Post By FrankGrimes

            Try the Mezcal Vago Elote. Absolutely Supreb in every way.

  3. I’d roll Funchess

  4. Come join me guys / gals, I’ll be in here until 10 EST answering your WK12 questions!

  5. Mixon for AP? I get AP. Alex already said no way. Was interested in knowing what you have to say.

    1. It’s close. Would look at the matchups. I still believe AP is going to pop with volume in spots- but hard to predict. Mixon is the safer bet this week. And, this week is most important.

      If you have the luxury of being able to look forward, look at the next 2-3 matchups – and if AP has significantly better matchups – I could sign off on the move.

      Outside of that, I’d prob just play it safe w/ Mixon

  6. PPR chasing it after Rivers/Allen on Thursday
    Flex D Murray, D Thomas, Kupp?

    1. In PPR I like Kupp’s floor, but I think you have to go Demarco here and hope for a big game. Kupp’s upside has been limited.

      If you hate Murray, and are feeling Kupp- go for it.

  7. Peterson, Mixon, or get trashy with Clement in 1PPR. Need to go beast-mode to win this week after Dez’s stinker put me in a bind.

    1. Already answered with eyak29’s question.

  8. Post By

    Tough call…Mariota or Goff at QB for week 12? Also need 1 RB2 and 1 Flex out of Burkhead/E.Sanders/Booker. Could still pick up Kupp, McKissic, C.Davis, Coleman, M.Wallace. Thanks.

    1. Goff

      McKissic + Coleman (would also consider Kupp and Davis- Coleman feels a bit more solid)

  9. Wentz or Mariota? Wentz is ranked higher but I can’t help but think the Bears might be a bit stingy and Mariota has a juicy match-up.

    1. Makes a lot of sense, but I’d prob roll Wentz. He’s been so damn good.

      1. Thanx for the smelly advice…smile.

  10. Flex choice for full point PPR: Howard, McKissic, J Williams or a WR – Coleman or Ginn Jr?? I could even put in Olsen off of IR?? Thanks!

    1. This is between Howard, McKissic, and Coleman.

      Goosey about the game script for Howard, also the PPR format.

      So, Mckissic vs Coleman.

      It’s trashy but I really like McKissic this week. Still a bit of a flyer. Coleman appears the most solid play of the group. Best wishes!

      All in all,

      1. You guys are solid. Thanks!

        1. You got it DJ. Thanks so much for your loyal support, we can’t do it without you guys.

  11. Thank you all so much for joining this evening! Catch us tomorrow morning on Sirius XM 210/87 from 7-9 AM EST!

  12. need 2 of these 3 rb’s in PPR, Powell, Mckissic, Clement and need 1 Flex in PPR, Bruce Ellington Randall Cobb Dontrel Inman, Tyler Kroft or ASJ

    1. Clement is the RB sit for me. Hard to predict success in a committee.
      Man that’s a tough flex choice. Kroft lit up Cle earlier this year and Cle gives up plenty of TE Points.

  13. Post By

    Need lineup advice: need 1 WR and 1 Flex from this group. Full point PPR: E Sanders, D Adams, C Davis, and Duke Johnson. Please let me know who you would play? Thanks.

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