RosterWatch + RotoGrinders Week 13 DFS Roundup w/ Alex Dunlap and The Seige


  1. I have a first round bye next week and Chris Hogan got dropped. Since I don’t play next week should I pick him up and drop martavis Bryant or devante Parker for him??

    1. Meh. No one else you could drop?

  2. Post By Austin Benedict

    Standard league. My opponent started Perine and Crowder for 10 points so far. All his players except Mixon play at 1pm. So I’ll know by 4pm if I need high floor or high upside.

    I could start Sanu at 1pm, Josh Gordon at 4pm, Kupp at 4pm, or Juju Monday night. What should I do? Fire up Sanu and 1pm or hold off until I see what I need? Thanks, you guys rock.

    1. I’d wait. Sanu is low on Vegas sheet and going vs Minn.

  3. BUCKNASTY 6-6

    Been struggling all year at TE with a piece of garbage in Jordan Reed. It’s win and you’re in and my only question:

    Pick 1 TE standard league

    Austin Nefarious Jenkins
    Ricky Seals-Jones
    Julius Thomas
    or go grab Olsen in FA

    Thanks for all your help guys!

  4. Post By

    Help! I have Big Ben and brown. I also have Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas, and Robbie Anderson(on bench). Since Pittsburgh plays Monday night do I bench AB for Anderson? Martavis Bryant is available on waivers if I want to keep Brown as an option.
    If Brown is out, Big Ben is looking less startable on the road. Tyrod and Jameis are available. Any suggestions?

    1. If you have a droppable player def grab MB. Tough call on Ben.
      If you need to win I’d prolly play it safe with Tyrod cuz Pitt could win with heavy dose of Bell all night.

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    1ppr hunt or mixon also seals Jones or Julius Thomas or asj?

    1. Hunt and ASJ

  6. Almost playoff TIME! PPR league need flex play. Joe mixon or Devin F.

    1. I’d wait to see Lattimores status in the morning.

  7. Ppr need 1
    S. Shepherd, d. Westbrook, c. Coleman, m. Bryant

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