RosterWatch Snap Counts, Targets and Touches Database Updated For Week 12

Here you can find snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format through Week 11 of 2018.

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  1. Quarterback Quandary
    Streaming QB I am in 2nd place highest points In play offs week 14-16 Thank you!
    I have Mayfield and Mariotta
    available are A Dalton, Winston, L Jackson E Manning

    I do have room on my roster for 2. Thinking to keep Mayfield and his good schedule
    Who should I grab for a 2nd? Dalton?
    4 pt per pass TD

    1. I’d grab Winston and play him this wk

      1. And yes – Keep Baker

  2. If Trubisky is out would you pick up and play either Adam Humphries or Antonio Calllaway over Anthony Miller as second flex? 0.25 ppr

    1. Chase Daniel my not be a huge downgrade in a one game scenario. Miller just blew up DET a few wk ago. Close call- you can make a case for all 3. Don’t hate any of them.

  3. I have Njoku in PPR
    I usually do not keep 2 TE, but because of last week Bye of Njoku I picked up Engram

    Should I hang on to Engram and play match ups? or jettison for a bench player like AMiller, Tre’Q Smith, MGoodwin, Josh Reynolds
    any of these better than what I have

    My WR starting 3: JJones, THill, JuJU Smith-Schuster On bench MarvJones, CRidley

    1. Keep Engram- consider dropping NJoku and / or possibly even Ridley for some of those other guys

  4. My RB are (I start 3) MGordon, AKamara, Mixon on bench CThompson, GioBernard
    I own Chris Thompson Do I keep him or drop him for any of these for a back up:
    Wiaver RB available: GEdwards, Elijah McGuire Josh Adams, Lat Murray

    1. Close call – I don’t hate CT as a ppr stash for the playoffs, obv purely speculative though – esp since you don’t AP. I have CT stashed in a .5 ppr team for possible playoff RB help. Who the heck knows though.

      I’d prob drop him for Edwards. I already own McGuire- picked him and CT up together a few wk ago, prob still like CT more as an upside stash in PPR than McGuire- if you don’t need to play him.

      You don’t own Dalvin, so you can pass on Latavius. If you were thin at RB I’d say drop for Adams too, but I just don’t trust that situation enough and you don’t need him + who knows how his fortunes will turn out in that situation.

  5. Will there be player props for Thursday’s hot Basura?

  6. 12 team half-PPR league (6-5, tied for 4th with 2 other teams)
    2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX

    QB: Mayfield, Mahomes
    WRs: K. Allen, Gordon, Kirk, Sutton, Reynolds, Crabtree
    RBs: Zeke, Mixon, Kerryon, Drake
    TE: Jared Cook
    DEF: Bears

    1) Been holding onto Mayfield in anticipation of Mahomes’ bye week but now Winston is available so drop him for Winston?
    2) I’m guessing my drop order for top guys like Edwards (doubt I’ll get with 7th waiver),Tre-Quan Smith, and/or Moore should be dropping Crabtree, then Kirk, then Reynolds? Where we at with Drake?
    3) Worth dropping any of the aforementioned players to add Brate and then start him over Cook?

  7. Can’t believe I’m asking this, but should I sit Fournette and start Chubb over him, based on matchups (and the RW rankings)?

  8. I have AB, Evans, ARob, Watkins, Fitz, Hunt, Kerryon, Lindsay, Yeldon, Martin, and Henry. I have first place locked up no matter what happens this week. I have $36 of FAB left, which I will put a sizable portion toward Gus Edwards.
    Would you try and put together a package of guys for someone like K Allen, David Johnson, or Davante Adams? Or just keep what I have? It’s a single keeper league and the teams that have those players dont really have great keepers, so I could sell off Kerryon(7) or Lindsay(10) in a package to sweeten the deal.

    1. I also have Kupp for a 10th round.

  9. Post By

    Standard PPR currently at 5-6 and in a batlw to make the playoffs. I have the first waiver chose and have the option of taking Guss Edwards or Josh Adams?
    Both would peobbaly be a better option at flex. My options are either one of the 2 above or A Robinson, D Amemdola, C Kirk

    1. Post By

      I went with Guss Edwards now just need you advice on the flex play. Thanks.

  10. PPR. Drop Collins or D. Martin for McGuire? Have Zeke, Chubb, Mack and Howard.


  11. ROS 1 TE, 1 bench, 1.0 ppr: Engram, Brate, McGuire, AMiller, CThompson, Yeldon (Fournette owner)

  12. D Cook or J White .5 ppr

  13. Byron – I have Gurley, McCaffrey, A Jones, N Chubb, J White and D Cook. I am 10-1 (thanks to you) and locked into a wk 14 bye already. Would you drop any of the above RB for Malcolm Brown?

    1. Don’t think so- maybe White with michel and burkhead resuming activity

  14. Post By

    Should I trade my Zeke and Golladay for Thielen and Ingram. My other backs are Conner, Chubb, Mixon and Kerryon and Yeldon. Other receivers are Davante, Keenan Allen, and Anthony Miller. Would love the number one receiver and have so much RB depth but I think it might be giving up too much. Thoughts?

  15. Dilemma
    I am in a four way tie at 6-5 and we are competing for 2 playoff spots so I need 2 wins the next couple of weeks.
    K. Allen is going against Patrick Peterson this week and I see a big game for Melvin Gordon would you sit him this week in favor of Edelman? Or do I leave Edelman in my flex? My other options currently on my bench are A Rob, S. Michel, MVS, or duke johnson.

    Locked in as starters are Rodgers, Barkley, Mixon, Diggs, Cook, stream def and kickers

  16. Good morning and Happy TG — TE Q – I have Brate on roster – should I drop him for Cook, Engram, Rudoph?
    Also, curious why you dropped Brate 9 spots from the ECR rankings? thanks as always

  17. I hate kickers as they are so random. But, if your playoff life depended on racking up as many points as possible, do I stream Gould @ Tampa or Bailey @ home in the dome?

    1. same issue but would add Matt Bryant to the question – thanks

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    Drop Yeldon for Gus Edwards? PPR

  19. Post By

    Trade deadline looming…

    Got offered phil lindsay for alshon (I have freeman-Saquon, dukey, hines, j adams, and lat Murray)

    Leaves me julio, thielen, evans, kirk

    Can start 2wr 2rb and 2 flex

  20. WR drop question — need to drop one of these three for a def this week. — Sutton, Miller or Keke –
    I have hill, Juju and Golladay, so I need one of the three to start.

    Who would you start and who would you drop? Thanks I’m 14-7-1 sitting in second place (we do a double schedule.) and need to take 1st place for a bye. Thanks

  21. Post By

    Was offered McCaffrey and Watson for Zeke and Wilson. Thoughts?

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