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PRO RosterWatch UnderDog Fantasy Best Ball Cheat Sheet v2.2 and .CSV Upload Now Available


RosterWatch Nation, Version 2.2 of our popular offseason premium product, the 2023 RosterWatch Underdog Best Ball Cheat Sheet, is now available in the Downloads section. It is for use in Underdog Fantasy Best-Ball Drafts in 12-team leagues and tournaments (non-superflex).

The simple rules for using the sheet of paper to dominate your best-ball draft are the same three rules you have followed in redraft and dynasty leagues using the tool for years with a few minor caveats that can be found in the instructions on the download. Feel free to deviate slightly from the exact slotting in order to make sure that player thresholds at each position are reached. See the instructions at the top of the sheet for exact details.

The rules are so simple that a toddler could follow them. Keep checking back to to make sure you have the latest version of the Best Ball Cheat Sheet before drafting, as things can and will change as situations come into focus.

Click here to go to the downloads section and get V.2.2 of the RosterWatch Best Ball Cheat Sheet.

NEW!!!!!: We have given our PRO and PREMIUM members access to our continuing .CSV uploads so that you can “upload” the cheat sheet into the Underdog fantasy site, and have the players show up in the order we would recommend. Please be aware that, due to the nature of the sheet, and the fact that the sheet is not technically “rankings,” you should still have the sheet handy. This way, you can see if players are on the same row as one another, etc. in deciding who you need to pick and where. In the end, it is meant to help with keeping the players that we like best at any given point in your draft toward the top of your queue, should you have a moment of panic or get auto-drafted, etc. The link below will take you to a google sheet that you can simply choose to download as a .csv file.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE .CSV upload for version 2.2 in UnderDog contests.

Welcome to another fantasy season, RW Nation.

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