RosterWatch Week 10 TRADECAST

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 10 in 2020 fantasy football leagues. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. Byron. I finally got my league mate to agree and now am getting cold feet. Would you trade my AJ Brown and James Robinson for Dalvin Cook?
    My RB’s would be Chubb, Sanders and Cook.
    My WR’s would than be DK, Scary Terry and one of the following: Jeudy, Aiyuk, Reagor or Lamb.
    So really the downside is going from AJB to one of those 4. Just worried about Robinson in week 15 and 16 with his touch matchups. AJB has some really tough ones too. But so does Dalvin lol.

    Thank you and about to listen to the best piece of audio Fantasy Football has to offer. THE TRADECAST Lets GO!!!!

    1. Yes, I would do it. Might try a counter w/ McLaurin instead of AJB but I think you just get that done!

  2. Trade question for a 10 team .5 ppr Yahoo league-

    I acquire
    Robbie Anderson
    Antonio Gibson
    Justin Herbert

    I trade away
    D Hopkins

    The rest of my relevant players
    T Brady
    Julio, ARobinson, TFulgham (plus RAnderson)
    Kamara, McKinnon,Gio 3 expendable RBs, (plus AGibson, less 2 of the expendable RBs)

    Selected metrics say go for it & slight lean yes.

    I am slightly concerned with DHopkins target share (making me kean yes), somewhat concerned about relying on JJones’ health (making me want to hold onto DHop), and my RB2 spot has been a revolving door…

    What do you think?

    Thank you!!

  3. I would include Brady and demand somebody better than Robby Anderson in return.

    Or, if not I would drop Herbert from the deal- keep Brady and ask for someone better than Anderson.

    Your need at RB is driving this entire deal- I think you can pull it off but if we are only getting Gibson we need more than Anderson

    1. Thanks for the response, thoughtful as usual!

      Keenan is his next WR – I’ll give it a try.
      (Gibson+Allen for my Hopkins).

      Or…his next RB is Chubb – strip down to Chubb for DHop?

      Thanks, again!

  4. What would you look to change from my roster. Its PPR 2Rb 3wr 2flex


    Josh Allen
    Miles Sanders
    Zeke Elliot
    Dk Metcalf
    Keenan Allen
    Chris Godwin
    TJ Hockenson
    Robert Woods
    Brandin Cooks

    Chase Edmonds
    Antonio Gibson
    Hunter Henry

    1. Might be able to snag Michael Thomas or Davantae Adams as those teams are fighting for a spot. High end Rbs like Cook and Jones and Henry not gonna be up for grabs

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Your roster is pretty loaded. You can target those high end assets like Adams, but it will evaporate your depth. Normally consolidation is a good thing as Byron talks about so often, bu this league is deep w the 3 x WR and multiple flex spots. Depth is more important in deeper leagues (obviiously)

      1. Post By

        What do u think this week…
        Should I play
        Brandon aiyuk
        Christian Kirk
        Full pt PP

  5. Post By Andrew Seibert

    PPR. Start Two RB’s, Two WR’s, and Two Flexes. Current RB’s are Mccaffrey, and Davis, Jonathan Taylor, Chase Edmunds, Deejay Dallas. Current WR’s are Metcalf, Allen Robinson, Hollywood Brown, Deontae Johnson, DJ Chark, Slayton.

    Was offered a trade of Mixon, Gio Bernard, and Thielen for my Allen Robinson, Jonathan Taylor, and Edmunds.

    Currently 3-6 holding onto last playoff spot


    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      RBs Davis and Edmonds
      WR Metcalf and Chark
      Flex HWB/Slayton

      Good luck!

      hold your players, dont do that trade.

  6. Taylor, Parker, Antonio Brown, or Kirk?

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Kirk has been red hot. He is the one

  7. Post By

    Trade question. I’m sitting at 7-2, 12 team full point PPR. Wanting to build a team for the playoffs. Here’s my roster:
    QB: Josh Allen, Big Ben
    RB: Kamara, Ronald Jones, Chase Edmonds, Jamaal Williams, Cam Akers, Gus Edwards, DeAndre Washington (using this article weekly)
    WR: Tyreek Hill, DJ Moore, Travis Fulgram, CeeDee Lamb, Jakobi Myers
    TE: Jonnu Smith, Robert Tonyan, Zach Ertz

    I’m most worried about my RB 2 situation (this league starts 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 flex). Would trying to trade a DJ Moore for Austin Eckler make sense or is there a weakness on this team I should try to trade to improve? Thanks!

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      JB I gave you a break down of this trade in Zero bid article, a few mins ago, go check it out brother)

  8. Post By

    0.5 PPR trade tee Higgins and moss for JT?

    WRs: Adams, Jeudy, Higgins, Kirk, reagor
    RBs: David Johnson, mckissic, moss, RoJo, Drake

    Thank you RW!

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      JT is too much of a gamble this year. You have the bird in the hand with Higgins and Moss. HODL! (Hold on for dear life)

  9. I need some help.

    I have Chubb on IR and would either need to cut someone or do a two for one trade to bring him to the roster and I have no idea what to do. The Andrews owner only wants CEH for him and I don’t think that’s a move I should make (unless you think it’s worth it).

    Thank you for any suggestions you have for me on who to target in a trade up and who you suggest to package, AND/OR who I should cut to bring Chubb off IR to play him.

    ******’s 5-4 (so I have to keep winning) standard scoring (6 point TD)

    Roster is:
    Herbert and Tannahil
    CEH Kamara Dobbins Moss Murray (Chubb IR)
    Hopkins Jefferson Claypool Hollywood AB
    Colts Tucker

    1. I think your best bet is to package two of your WR not named Hopkins or possibly a WR + a RB for one elite player in return – really at either position given your roster

      I don’t think you need Andrews right now since you have Goedert- so make sure it’s a deal you like. I think sending Goedert + a low end WR or RB for Andrews would be fair.

      If I had to outright drop somebody- I would prob drop your backup QB Tannehill– if you still can given he played last night. If not I would consider dropping Dobbins, Murray, or one of Claypool / Hollywood / AB

      1. Thanks Byron!

  10. Would you trade A Robinson and John Brown for Nick Chubb?

    1. To get Chubb? Depends on your WR and RB situation and your record.

      I really want to see how he looks for a game. McCaffrey came back and got injured in the same game.

    2. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      Getting a top 10 RB is expensive. If you can afford the WR depth its an overpay but it is the going rate.

      1. Post By

        What do u think this week guys…
        Should I play
        Brandon aiyuk
        Christian Kirk
        Full pt PPR

  11. I am in a dynasty league and in a rebuild. I was just offered a 21, 22, and 23 first for Derrick Henry. Is this a good deal? My rbs are really young Taylor and. Dobbins behind Henry.

    1. Post By Alan Seslowsky

      3 x first for Henry is as good as it gets. Prepare for those to be late first round picks, but there is a ton of value at pick 9-12 in most drafts.

  12. Post By Alan Seslowsky

    Your roster is pretty loaded. You can target those high-end assets like Adams, but it will evaporate your depth. Normally consolidation is a good thing as Byron talks about so often, but this league is deep w the 3 x WR and multiple flex spots. Depth is more important in deeper leagues (obviously)

  13. 4-5 team with CMC, Mixon and Exeter out.

    Looking to trade Mahomes+Mixon for Burrow+Chubb.

    0.5ppr, tempted but leaning towards holding one more week for my RBs to get healthy.

    Currently have…

    QB – Goff (Mahomes on Bye)
    RB – Duke Johnson, JK Dobbins
    WR – Mike Evans, Kupp, Reagor
    TE – Hooper
    FLEX – Noah Fant

    Bench – Golladay, CMC, Mixon, Ekeler, Mahomes

    Thank you!

  14. Post By

    Deep deep dynasty trade question. Malcolm Brown for DeeJay Dallas? I have Dallas. Malcolm Brown is an UFA in 2021 and if he leaves LAR after the season does he have any long term value on another team without knowing a landing spot?

  15. Who do I start 2 of 3 in PPR: Chubb, Duke Johnson, Gio (assuming Mixon out)

    Obviously if Mixon is out, this is easy. I’m not sure how to think through:
    (i) Chubb sharing carries in his return (tho an amazing matchup against Hou)
    (ii) Duke seems like a for sure, given Houston’s offense should be high flying
    (iii) Gio is usually a pretty safe plug n play RB2, but the steelers are probably a tough matchup as well. Also 2 weeks ago they started playing Perine alot more too.

  16. Would you trade DK Metcalf and James Robinson for Dalvin Cook? My other WRs are Terry, AJ Brown, Jeudy, Aiyuk, Reagor and Pittman. My other RBs are Chubb, Sanders and Swift. Thank you!

  17. What’s the trade value of Justin Herbert? 12 team league! I already have Aaron Rodgers and am weak at RB this week with Zeke on a bye and David Johnson concussed and unlikely to play.

    Opponent this week played Tannehill and I’d think that he could use an upgrade – is Lat Murray or Gus Edwards good trades?

    Jerick McKinnon? (Owner has Teddy Bridgewater as starter)

  18. Post By

    Trade deadline is TOMORROW! 0.5 PPR and I’m 5-4.

    Trade away Tee Higgins and Kirk for Golladay?

    WRs: Adams, Jeudy, Kirk, tee higgins, reagor

    For what it’s worth, I also own TJ hockensen

    Lmk what you think! I feel like I’m giving up too much for a risky player but at the same time, he should be an upgrade. Thank you RW.

  19. Hello RosterWatch Nation.

    Need help with trade offer.

    12 team, .5ppr record 5-4

    My team
    QB- Mahomes
    RB- A Jones, J Robinson, N Chubb, A Gibson, Gio, Lindsay& Mostart and Ekeler on IR
    WR- Evans, Woods, Hollywood Brown, Dionte Johnson, Aiyuk.
    TE – Jonnu

    My league does not trade alot.

    I’ve been offered McClaren for my Gibson, Evans and Ekeler.

    What do you think?

    1. I countered with Gibson and Ekeler for McClaren. What do you think of this?

  20. Another option would be Godwin for Gibson.


  21. Need 3/5 Evans, Godwin, Kirk, Tee Higgins, McKissic
    Also for Qb: Teddy B or derek Carr? Standard scoring

  22. Post By

    What do u think this week guys …
    Should I play
    Brandon aiyuk
    Christian Kirk
    Full pt PPR

  23. Post By

    Trade away aiyuk for agholor & bell?

  24. I countered with Gibson And Ekeler for McClaren. What do you think of this?

  25. .5 pt
    10 team
    for playoffs Reagor, Lazard or Mooney?

  26. Post By

    Would you trade any of these wide receivers for L. Fournette in a PPR Dynasty League? W. Fuller, C. Godwin, C. Kupp. Thanks

  27. Post By

    Good Morning , Need some help please! Should I play C. Godwin over W. Fuller due to weather in Cleveland? Do I play T. Fulgham over A. Robinson who is questionable and doesn’t play until Monday night? Thanks as always!

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