RosterWatch Week 15 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet and Podcast Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

PODCAST —- PRO MEMBERS CAN FIND THE WAIVER WIRE PODCAST HERE IN THE PRO PODCAST DOWNLOADS SECTION. It usually will be up by Tuesday afternoon. Listen to the PRO podcast as a supplement to the sheet as you’re setting waiver claims for additional insight.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


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    Lineup Question for the Semi’s, I know it’s early but it involves Thursday Night Football.

    Need a start at the flex with regular starters of Gurley/Barkley/Tyreek/Thielen/Mahomes. Options are:

    Demaryius Thomas @ NYJ
    Zay Jones vs DET
    Mike Williams @ KC

    Anyone I should target on waivers ahead of these three? .5pt PPR, currently have DT in but he’s been rough, thinking Mike Williams might be the play in a shootout. Dede, C. Samuel, Stills and Cobb are available on Waivers. Thoughts??

    1. It is too early before I make the matchup tool. I can say that if Justin Jackson is avail in your league, he is worth the pickup over all those guys but he’s not on the sheet as he’s owned in 52% of leagues. Hold tight for the rankings to see how we stack up DT, Zay and Williams in the model among those options.

  2. Yes- ADDENDUM- Justin Jackson was 55% owned this morning. The weekly cut for the sheet is 50%. If he’s available in your league he would be one of the very top pick ups or the top pick up. There is news coming in now that Melvin Gordon returned to limited practice today.

  3. Playoff time! Pick three in a PPR: Ware (banged up), Justin Jackson (assuming he is the starter), Diggs, TY Hilton (tough matchup). I am assuming I start both the WR’s but what do I do if both RB’s are starting Thursday night?

    1. I don’t trust Ware if he goes. If we Gordon and Ekeler are out, I’d go with Jackson and the two WR>

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    Standard scoring- Assuming Gordon plays now whos my other rb- Ware or A Jones…. Seeing what Chicago did to jones makes me iffy on him…any thoughts…… If Gordon doesn’t play should I plug in Jackson from my bench or roll with jones and ware… Thanks for all your help you guys are the BEST….. RW Nation

    1. I want no part of A Jones versus CHI. If Gordon + Ekeler are both out, you are fine going with Jackson and Ware, but I find Ware hard to trust due to possible injury. The reason I would lean that way over Jones is I find him hard to trust due to things that are more likely, like the Packers having to use J Will more in pass pro against the CHI rush and CHI just being good against RBs, period.

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        Thank you….

  5. I’ve been using the Chargers D for weeks but don’t feel good about thurs night vs KC and wk 16 (optimistic) vs Balt. I can pick up Jax (vs wash &mia) or Sea (vs SF & KC). I could pick up both.
    Also I’ve been using Winston as my QB. Dak and Josh Allen are available….thoughts?
    Thanks guys

    1. JAX would be a good pick up this week. I’m a Winston owner in one league and I have waiver claims in to drop him for Dak then Allen. I don’t mind just dropping him because I won’t use him next week at DAL either. IF those two are available on your wire, you should be good to re-evaluate your Week 16 plan when the time is right as there seem to be decent options available.

  6. You have built me a championship team- in Semi Finals but Players Injured need your advice
    So you can see my team, I will ask all my questions here and not split them up
    Me in PPR I play 1QB 3WR 2RB 1Flex (WR/RB/TE) 1 TE 1 Def
    QB: JWinston and BMayfield (available on Waiver: JAllen, Carr)
    WR: JulioJones, THill , JuJu Smith-Schuster, CRidley (Available on waiver: AMiller, Calloway, CSamuel, Goodwin)
    RB: AKamara, MGordon(Injured), JMixon, SWare(?Injured), GEdwards, JAdams GioBernard (Available on waiver: Damian Williams (to play if SWare does not go), DHenry, McGuire, Gore, RPenny)
    TE: Njoku (available on Waiver: Engram, IThomas, Rudolph, Uzomah
    Defense: Houston (available on Waiver: Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Seattle)

    I would play JWinston Julio, THill, Ju-Ju Kamara, Mixon Flex SWare (MGordon prob not to play)

    THill and SWare are injured I don’t like my next team choices above for RB and WR if those 2 can’t play in week 15 or 16
    RB Do I pick up Damian Williams in case Ware can’t go (or any other waiver RB listed above) Hate to drop GioB, is Edwards droppable?
    Do I get anymore WR depth or just see what happens to THill this week?
    Stick with Njoku?
    Defense: Houston has good matchup this week- Jets But Phily in week 16
    Chicago has GB then SF Cleveland Den then Cinci ? Pick up Chic or Cinci for week 16 (would have to drop an RB) or just stick with Houston

    Thank you

    1. You should drop Ridley for Samuel and have him ready if Tyreek can’t go

      If Gordon plays you play Kamar Gordon and flex Mixon. I think you can roll the dice and drop Gio or Adams for some better depth that has some upside – don’t think I drop Gus just yet.

      I think you have to look at adding Engram or maybe Thomas. I’d prob drop one of your QBs for them, might drop Njoku out right.

      Philly is a fine matchup. CHI should be owned as well. Find a way to do it. Possibly drop a QB, Adams, Gio,

      Think I might play Baker out of all those QBs, maybe Josh Allen. Jameis is at BAL, that’s a bad deal.

  7. Alex & Byron, I made it thru as I posted in Trashman’s post mortem.
    It was a miracle.

    I still have RB issues because Carrion Johnson and James Connor are wasting oxygen on my bench.
    I have Leo Fournette and Nyheim Hines but would like to sub out Hines for:
    1pt PPR:
    Doug Martin,
    Derrick Henry,
    Jordan Howard,
    Ito Smith,
    Kenneth Dixon,
    or Darren Sproles.

    1. I got my answer from the Trashman.
      Thank you.

      1. Awesome thx Mike

  8. Hey guys! I’m going to pick up J Jackson as I have the #1 waiver claim. Players like D Henry and J Howard also available. NONPPR
    I take this humble team to the semis in the quest for the championship.
    QB Luck
    RB Gurley
    WR DHop and K Allen
    TE Brate

    I need a RB2 and a Flex from Ingram, Michel, Jackson, J Wilson, J Gordon, Golladay and Sutton.

    Thank you!

    1. You need to consider another QB this wk, w/ Cowboys defense coming to town. It’s not a must, but def should be considered.

      I might pick up Howard or Henry w/ the news that Gordon was back at practice today. Please wait for rankings to continue to be updated through Thurs afternoon. As of now- RB2 prob Michel + Ingram or Gordon

  9. Thinking about whether I should drop Shady McCoy for Derrick Henry in the Semis. Do not plan to play him until maybe Week 16. My other RB’s that I am starting are Fournette, Phil Lindsay, and Mark Ingram. Along with Kerryon Johnson and Wilson (SF RB) on my bench.

    My real need is TE as I had Jordan Reed. Ian Thomas and Vernon Davis are both available. Figure I should be able to get one of them with a second waiver wire pick.

    Should I try to block some of my other playoff teams as I have priority over them? Appreciate the thoughts?

    1. Dropping Shady is prob fine

      You should pick up Ian Thomas

      Think your first priority if taking care of your own starting lineup and fixing your TE and or RB instead of playing WW defense. If you think you can get the guys you need on the 2nd and 3rd round of waivers, then sure play some defense w/ the first claim – but I wouldn’t get too cute.

  10. Team name: Funding Secured, 11-2

    Need one WR2 – Pettis, J. Gordon, Tate, or Dede Westbrook(on waivers), std league? Got Thielen starting.

    Need two RB – Melvin, Connor, Gus, Ware, Ekeler, or Johson? Got Saquon starting.

    Got Njoku at TE, but Brate, Engram and McDonald on ww. Would you start one of those over Njoku?

    Thanks for the help. I can taste total domination.

    1. gordon, edwards, johnson. i’d take a chance on brate if you’re feeling confident. TE is the one position that’s vulnerable for baltimore

  11. You guys dropping Eckler for Ito? If he doesn’t play this week and get Baltimore next week with Melvin potentially back. Can’t imagine starting him…

    1. And why are you guys not higher on Rob Foster. He’s been eating last 4 weeks.

    2. sure, i’m not playing ito unless i have to though.

      1. we aren’t high on anyone attached to that offense during the playoffs

  12. RW Pro 4th year subscriber…just wanted to give mad props to Adam, Byron, the Trashman, & RW Nation for all the maniacal work & sizzling tools to achieve fantasy dominance.

    Four leagues, four play-off contenders…

    good luck in your playoff runs!

    1. LOL, it’s Alex! Cockamamie!

      Appreciate your loyal support, finish the job for the RW Nation!

  13. Bears D or Jags D?

  14. Finished at the top of my league again using RosterWatch!

    1 point ppr

    Need 3 from from Chubb, D. Johnson, A. Jones, Gordon, K. Johnson, Ware, Drake and Eckler.

    Already starting D. Adams, so not sure about using Jones also against the Bears.

  15. Lineup question. Juju thielen and tyreek hill make up my wr corps. I’ve been running all three in at the wr spots and one in the flex, but I’m worried about tyreek on a short week. My rbs are loaded too. I have CMC Chubb and Mixon. Should I consider only thielen and juju at wr and put one of those RBs in the flex?? Thanks in advance

    1. Matchup tool thread

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    Good Morning Gents,

    I have 2 teams-one full ppr and the other 1/2 ppr. #1 seed in both leagues THANK YOU!!

    Full ppr:
    Flex -pettis, sf or j adams, phi
    Def-buf (vs DET) or Chi (vs GB)

    1/2 ppr:
    Need 2rb
    Carson, Ingram, or A Jones

    Need 1wr
    A Robinson, Hamilton (Den), J Reynolds, Randall Cobb,

    Thanks for the help

    1. Awesome news man!

      Prob Pettis

      Close call – prob CHI and start your studs- both are good options if you have a hunch


      Def Carson + prob Ingram (wait for rankings)

      Prob ARob, again wait for rankings and if it’s close play the matchups, snap %, and targets – also if you have hunch and it’s close go for it

      1. Post By

        Got it! Thanks a lot for the response.

  17. Post By

    QB – Rivers or Luck? I am leaning Rivers as I see it being a shootout with the Chiefs and he will need to throw, especially if Gordon is out.

    PPR Flex – Carson vs SF, Landry vs. Den, or if Conner does play I can put him in.

    Other League PPR Flex – Mixon vs Oak, Hilton vs Dallas or Conner if he plays?

    Still in running for the Ship in these leagues, thanks for all the help!!

    1. Rivers
      I like Carson and Landry. In standard or even .5 ppr I’d prob say Carson. Closer call in full PPR. Play the matchups and the touches / targets / snap %

      Prob Mixon

      Terrific news brother! Keep the good times rolling and report back next wk! Thx for your support!

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    I’ve really enjoyed your podcast. Thank you. Need help picking one for week 15 standard :
    Roethlisberger Prescott
    Thanks again!

  19. 2 Semi-finals this week…looking to bring more hardware back to Roster Watch Nation!
    With Ware likely out tomorrow, would you play D. Williams over A. Jones in a PPR?
    Also if Gordon sits, would you consider D. Williams or J. Jackson over D. Johnson in a Half PPR?
    Boyd or DJ Moore in a PPR?

  20. Want to say thank you to Byron, Alex & The Stinky TrashmaN for all your help and knowledge during the season & especially during the playoffs. Need some advice:

    QB: LUCK or Lamar Jackson?

    (Different League) QB: CAM or Josh Allen?

    (Different League) QB: Brady, Rodgers, or J.Allen?

    WR (1 ppr, Need just 1): D.Pettis, A.Robinson, J.Reynolds, or C.Samuel?

    WR (1 to pickup off waivers): C.Samuel, D.Pettis, or K. Stills?

    TE(1ppr): Ian Thomas or Brate?

    RB (1ppr, Need 2): J.Jackson, J.Wilson Jr, M.Mack, J.Howard, or Gus Edwards?

  21. 1pt PPR

    Need 1 more rb
    J.White, C.Carson,J.Wilson,D.Williams

    Need 2 wr
    D.Thomas, K.Stills, D.Westbrook, J.Brown, Mike Williams

  22. BHB Commissioner

    QB quandry: Rivers vs chiefs, Ryan vz Cardinals, or Wilson vs 49ers? If it matters I also have Julio

    Also same team full ppr: flex- Josh Adams, Dion Lewis, or Zay Jones?

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