PRO RosterWatch Week 3 Big Tool: Snap Counts, Touches and Targets – Every Player in Fantasy

alex byline Here you can find Week 2 snap-count percentage data, targets and touches for fantasy-relevant players across most every offensive-scoring format. Simply click on the link below (PRO membership required). The Big Tool is updated through the start of the week in-season as information becomes available from the league office.

We’ve updated the spreadsheet to a new format which will hopefully make it easier to compare snap percentage, target and touch numbers from week-to-week. The rows are ordered by week of the NFL season. Once inside the shared document, find the team you are interested in, then click the link within the week you are interested in.

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  1. Qb: Big Ben, Rivers
    Rb: Gurley, Howard, Coleman, Henry, Kamara,Foreman, Cohen
    WR: Cooks, Allen, Bryant, Jeffery
    TE: Eifert

    After an 0-2 start, are there any glaring moves that I should make? Or stand pat?

    I am thinking of shopping Big Ben, and then adding Wentz if I can get a buyer.

    What would you package with Big Ben to try and land a Mccaffery or a TY Hilton/Diggs? Reason I suggest these two is because they need a QB

    Any help is much appreciated.

    1. Would you offer up Big Ben for Zach Ertz with the news of Eifert injuries?

      1. Alshon for a TyM, D Cook, or a Fournette type? The TyM and Fournette owner needs WR help. Seems like I may need to add more to acquire a back of that pedigree eh?

        1. think your team looks pretty well balanced, I’m surprised you’er 0-2. We’d certainly ship Alshon for Fournette tho if we could make that happen

  2. 2nd highest scorer in consecutive weeks in one league. Officially the highest scorer over the course of the 2 weeks. I am 0-2. What the eff? My league continues to shaft me once again. I really need to swindle these bastards. But rather than bitch about it for a full 24 hours…I would like to thank the magical cheat sheet for giving me a team that scores massive points. We just need to turn them into wins! #RWN

    1. that’s always the worst man. Things will shake out over the course of the season.

  3. So I (we) got played by Hunter Henry vs. Charles Clay decision this week. The match up tool did not speak truth of Miami TE pass D. Hard to say how much to pay to get Henry back or if I look another direction.

    What are your thoughts of the Titan RB situation? I have both.

    Is Buck Allen a RB2 over Mark Ingram moving forward?

    1. Titans RB situation is a shit show until Henry takes over but it’s getting to where we’d probably rather roll with Henry if you compare what he’s done last 5 games vs. Demarco.

      yes, it will be a tough weekly decision between those two, but fantasy football is tough and tilting.

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    I have Shady, CJ, Dalvin and Mixon.

    I am worried about Shady’s health and value after next week when they play Denver. So I am looking to move him.

    Which of these trades do you hate? Shady for Antonio, Crabtree, Martavias, Amari, or Devante. I am thinking Kelvin but have not offered that yet.

    What do you think?

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      Oh…. it is 1/2 point PPR

    2. Post By

      My current WR are Tyreek, Corey Coleman, Zay, and Golloday.

    3. You’re going to want to push for more in that trade than anyone not named Antonio Brown although you won’t be able to get Antonio Brown – AJ Green a terrific buy low target right now.

  5. 0-2 with this roster,

    QB- Brees
    WR- Hopkins, Allen, Cooks, Bryant, Marshall, Kendall Wright
    RB- Zeke, Doug Martin, Tevin Coleman, Buck Allen, Henry
    TE- Olsen, Witten

    losing my mind and hitting panic mode, make a move or see it through ?? Yes I used the sheet! I had 3 first round picks in addition to 4 keeper players. We start 3WR 2RB 2Flex

    1. Don’t freak out this team is good.

      1. I did have a trade offer , I send Brees and Cooks, I get either Diggs or Landry and Russel Wilson, I also have Wentz on the bench who I would put at QB over Wilson, thoughts ?

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    Hi, I am new to this site. Just signed up for PRO. Listened to you guys for the first time on Sirius while I was traveling. Loved the show!
    My team is 0-2 to start and I’m losing my mind! I feel like I have a good team but I’m just not getting it done.
    10 Team standard No PPR.

    QB: Cousins
    RB: J Ajayi, E Elliott, D Cook, A Abdullah, K Williams
    WR: D Thomas, K Benjamin, M Bryant, A Jeffrey, D Parker, A Thielen
    TE: Gronkowski
    DEF: Baltimore

    Please help! My big weak spot is Cousins. I just talked a guy into trading me Rivers so I’ll at least have him going forward, I may pickup Simians or Wentz on waivers if I can get ’em.
    I started the wrong receivers this past week or else I would have won even with Zeke’s terrible performance. Do you have a sit/start tool on here? Any lineup advice?

    1. Post By Capt. Kirk's Balls

      Pick up Wentz if you can. PHI has no run game, and the kid looked legit vs a very good KC def on the road. He’s a sneaky to 10 QB this year, along with Stafford

  7. Up 15 in 1/2 point ppr with long TD bonuses. Opponent has Stafford, Ebron, and Tate tonight. I think I’m going to need a couple scores from the WR I still have going. Can either roll with OBJ or Golladay. I’m concerned about OBJ’s usage tonight. Do you share my concern? Which would you use?

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    I have been using Tevin Coleman/Joe Mixon as my RB2 ….
    My WR are strong AJ green, Demaryous Thomas, TY Hilton, Tyreke Hill , Kupp and jj Nelson

    Would you trade Tyreke Hill and Jj Nelson
    Carlos Hyde and Willie Snead

    Full point PPR

  9. Got a guy in the league a slave to trade analyzer… trying to exploit it. Analyzer loves this for him. .5 PPR.

    I get: Mixon, Alshon, Crowell
    He gets: Martavis, Fournette

    I already have Dalvin, Mike Evans, Diggs and Corey Davis.


    1. I say that’s a horrible deal for you, I’d stick with Bryant and Fournette all day every day.

  10. Need a te…i have Hooper….but a guy is offering me ertz…..he wants a rb..he is a dj owner
    My rbs are….lynch, Hyde, buck, Riddick, Perine, henry,….1 point ppr…any thoughts?

  11. Is eifert droppable if he sits this week? Would rather not drop one of my RB stashes, Foreman, Cohen, Kamara.

  12. Need help, Perkins or M Jones tonight? have enrgram and up 7 with G Tate against

  13. Post By Longhornfireman

    I have Newton and Big Ben as QBs. Concerned about Newton’s health. Should I add Wentz or Siemian? Rest of team is great. Thanks

    1. i think wentz is the upside play

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    Thanks to the draft and WW cheat sheets, I’m 2-0 with highest points in my 10-team Yahoo PPR league! I have a quick roster strategy question. My roster is:

    QB: Mariota, Rivers
    WR: Evans, K. Allen, DT, Parker, Corey Davis
    RB: Freeman, Cook, Buck Allen, Doug Martin, Powell
    TE: Ertz
    D/ST: Ravens
    K: Tavecchio

    Is Corey Davis or Powell droppable for anyone on the WW? These players are available
    WR: JJ Nelson, Kearse, Rishard Matthews, Marvin Jones
    RB: Frank Gore, Chris Thompson

    1. i’d hold on davis. powell can be dropped, but it needs to be for someone you’re going to use. you have a very deep roster. i don’t really see you using any of those guys over your current players.

      1. Thanks for the reply!

        Chris Carson is also available, if I can get him I should drop Powell for him?

  15. Post By

    Who would you drop for Carson, AP or Rex? Standard.. other rb’s Bell, Murray, T west, Ameer thanks

    1. IMO – AP. He’ll just frustrate you all year. Seems to be a waste of a spot. NO won’t use them when they’re behind and I’m not sure when they won’t be behind.

    2. i’d wait and see if there’s any news on rex’s ribs, but i lean ap right now.

      1. Post By

        rex doesn’t get much touches and no word on rib injury.
        .worried AP catches on with NYG or some other team

  16. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Please rank the backup running backs that are one injury away from being an RB1? Thanks!

  17. Curious if J. Kearse or JJ Nelson are upgrades over Zay, T. Williams, or C. Davis? Looking for steady Flex and occassional WR2 ability.

    1. I’m wondering if I should have Pizza or a Hamburger… neither are Steak – that much I know. Splitting hairs there.

      1. fair enough. can’t be too picky when scrapping the bottom of the barrel. a trade of one of my 4 rbs (bell, hunt, ajayi, cj anderson) might yield better wr outcomes.

        1. All of them would, depending on how many you can start. Kearse plays for the Jets and Nelson is that boom/bust guy. I wouldn’t want to get ride of Bell or Hunt. Ajayi could be good sell high candidate to return a solid WR2

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    alright everyone, even all my fellow pro members. Here is a trade offer and a little bit of my roster construction.

    have keenan allen, cooper kupp, brandon marshall, zay jones, corey coleman.
    I need a wide out, clearly. Marshall is bad, jones doesnt look good and coleman is now hurt.

    My RBs are Lev bell, marshawn, joe mixon, chris carson, perine, j charles.

    Do i trade

    Lev bell


    kareem hunt?

    no keepers in this league. I feel like i should but its hard trading bell lol.

    1. If that trade is on the table – I think you need to strongly consider. Hunt and Bell will be right there with each other and you’re getting Dez. You almost have to given your WR situation. Drop Coleman for Higgins too.

    2. if you can get dez and hunt, i’d definitely consider it. carson is rocketing to fantasy production, so he’ll be of use too.

    3. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

      Yes, do the deal.

  19. Post By

    In what order do you prioritize the following?

    Defensive Matchup
    % of Snaps
    End Zone Targets
    Touches ( I presume that means catches, rushes and/or punt/Kickoff returns

    Thanks and I love your tools.

    1. Post By

      Is it different for WR and RB’s? and if so where is the difference?

    2. % of snaps, targets, touches, end zone targets, tds, and defensive matchup

  20. Post By

    Need help on working the waiver wire. How does one when to drop a player and use the crucial roster spot when you start 9 and bench 6 players. How do you do that in your leagues?

    1. My league has a bench of 5, it’s tough. What I’ve needed to do is create a depth chart just like NFL teams do. Know who your RB and WR 1 and 2’s are. Know you’re next man up in each spot. Don’t waste a spot on back up TE or QB. For example if a guy like Buck Allen is available in your league who could be a RB2 or 3 for you – don’t hold on to a 5 or 6 WR, especially if you’re top 3 WRs are solid.

      Does that make sense? That’s how I approach it anyway. Last week I dropped Zay Jones – a RW darling and possible weekly player for Buck Allen. Now Buck Allen just took over Ingram as my RB 2 and I still have Green, K. Allen, M. Bryant, D. Parker and Maclin as my top 5 WRs. I didn’t need Jones even though he’s one of those ‘sexy’ names.

      Good luck!

  21. 12 Team .5 PPR
    Looking to trade a RB for a WR and want to get your thoughts on which top 3 back to market. Strategy is that Henry will emerge and eventually be my flex or RB2.

    RB: M. Gordon, Elliott, CJ Anderson, D Henry, Perine, J. Williams
    WR: Beckham JR, Garçon, K. Wright, J Matthews.

    1. Anderson’s value is the highest it will probably be all season. we don’t know what will happe when Booker returns to the fold. i’d move him if that’s your plan

  22. Post By

    Just got offered Jordan Howard for Brandin Cooks – non PPR league. Other WRs are Aj Green, Doug Baldwin, Martavis Bryant and Golden Tate. RBs are Shady, Gillislee, Mixon and Tevin Coleman. Should I do it?

    1. no, unsure about howard’s health right now.

    2. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

      No way! Howard will not even be a RB2 this year. My guess is he will be droppable in a couple of weeks. The team is terrible. I’m not sure why so many of the “experts” had him rated as high as they did during the draft season.

  23. Trade offer, I get Kelce and Larry Fitz, I send Cooks and Witten ( I just lost Olsen) Full PPR we start 3WR and 2FL so potential for 5 WR

    My WR’s- Hopkins, Martavius Bryant, Keenan Allen, Flex Cooks, Alshon
    My TE’s- Fleener, Witten

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