RosterWatch Week 3 Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet Now Available

Byron BylineBuilding a championship-caliber fantasy roster requires basic weekly waiver-wire management. We’ve created the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet so that in a just a few minutes a week, our users can make the same expert waiver maneuvers we personally make in our own leagues, throughout the season.

Whether you play in a standard waiver-claim format, or in a free-agent bidding system – we’ve got you covered. Read the chart top to bottom, and use it like the Draft Cheat Sheet. It’s not mandatory to go after the very top pick up every single week – use some basic discretion. Insane value can be cultivated through the bottom of the Waiver Wire Cheat Sheet over the course of the season.

All players listed on the WWCS are currently on the waiver wire in at least 50% of fantasy leagues across all major formats.

*Our advice is to recycle an average of 1-2 players per week from the bottom of your roster into hot waiver-wire pickups for the current week. This can be accomplished via waivers, or on the cheap as free-agent pickups post-waiver period .

PRO members, click here to download the cheat sheet.


  1. I’ve been refreshing the home page every 15 minutes for the last hour. Fuckin Gold, it’s here!!

    Question- standard scoring 6pt td for qbs
    My qbs- mariota winston rivers
    Should I drop one for Wentz? They aren’t running the ball for . If so who?!

    1. So I’m not the only Maniacal member of Roster Watch nation – good to know. Fun to see the RBs on this list are already on your squad!

    2. Recording the POD- I’ll be in here soon, folks.

    3. Post By

      Which Rb should i drop for perine? rawls, burkhead or kamara. Standard scoring

      1. Post By

        Also Should I trade kenny Golloday and rex burkhead for joe mixon?

    4. Perine and buck Allen on waivers. I have hunt and Gordon as my rb1 and Henry and cohen on my bench. Should I drop cohen for one of the backs or stay put? Thanks

  2. What do you pay to get Hunter Henry off the wire, I was the moron who dropped him to play Clay last week.

  3. Do you value Wentz over Big Ben or Rivers?

  4. Post By woo.jonathanwoo

    At what point do I leave Joe Mixon out to dry? I’m not super worried about playing him as I have Lynch, Anderson, Coleman, Martin, Buck Allen and Henry, but I’m all for loading up on players that have trade value. Do I just sit on Mixon and wait to see if he wrestles the top spot in Cincy?

  5. 12 tm Standard

    I have been offered Engram for Tevin Coleman. I don’t like it, but with the Tyler eifert injury I am considering.

    My other Rbs are Gurley, Howard, Henry, Kamara, Foreman, Cohen.

    Is this a fair trade? Or is the counter offer you’d propose?

    If they don’t take a counter offer, who would you drop to get a guy off the TE sheet. Seems like They all are on the edge of breaking through.

    1. Or would I be better off pursuing a Big Ben for Ertz swap?

  6. Post By

    I have Cousins in a 12 man, PPR league.

    Do I drop or try to trade him? What is a fair trade for someone like Cousins?

    I am 0-2 this season!! Not fun!

  7. Standard .5 PPR Team Name: Ambassadors of Quan

    Jus lost Olsen. Was offered Kelce for Cohen and Martavious. Already got RB’s Gurley, Montgomery and Carson. WR’s Baldwin and Pryor.

    A little hesitant to pull the trigger because Cohen and Martavious were my flex options and Pryor is suspect.

    FYI have a good chance of getting Witten, Cook or Clay on waivers.

    Should I make the trade or try my luck on waivers?

    1. Don’t trade Martavious. Witten or Cook would be my two TE to target. Good luck!

  8. 1ppr
    Current WR: Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Keenan Allen, Corey Davis, Pierre Garcon, Moncrief

    Was offer AJ Green for Tyreek. Do the trade? I may be able to get AJ Green and Maclin for Tyreek and Moncrief. Which is better?

  9. I’m 0-2 even thought the cheat sheet shows I have a stacked team (Standard 10 team league) Since I am 0-2 I have the first waiver pick. I was going to pick up Carson and drop Cohen but I don’t see Cohen anywhere on the list. A,m I to assume that you have Cohen rated higher than Carson since Cohen is not on the list?

    1. Cohen is owned by more than 50% of the leagues. It is assumed he is probably owned already.

      1. OK but would you drop Cohen for Carson. The real question is how do you know if a waiver player is better or more valuable than a player that is owned by more than 50%?

  10. 10-team PPR, should I drop Powell for any of:
    Chris Carson

    My RBs: Freeman, Cook, Buck Allen, Doug Martin, Powell

    Thanks in advance! I am 2-0 in my league with highest points with help from the RW draft/ww cheat sheets!

  11. Would you drop Mixon for Carson? Or wait on Mixon do be RB1 in Cincy. Have Bell, Hunt, Montgomery, and Abdullah as well. Also would you drop OJ for Austin Hooper?

    1. Also, are we worried about Russell Wilson this early?

  12. Would you drop Coleman for Kearse or JJ Nelson, or try to stash (WRs are my weak spot right now)? Also I have Jimmy Graham who has produced 0 points so far this season as my only TE. Do I drop him for Engram?

  13. Would you drop either Kelley or Perkins for Foreman? Neither is a starter at this point.


  14. Team name!!!!!!
    Hyde and Zeke
    10 team .5ppr Superflex 4 keep and 1 red shirt
    Start 2rb and 3wr

    Big conundrum guys. 0-2 to start and really hurting at wr and have been offered Tate and 2018 2nd round for D Henry. Henry is a 2018 7th Rd keeper. Do I do it?

    Rest of lineup

    Zeke ’18 1st
    D Cook ’18 2nd
    D Henry ’18 7th
    C Carson
    Julio ’18 3rd
    Marty Bryant ’18 8th
    M Lee
    C Kupp


    1. Also been offered Diggs and a 7th for Henry. Would love some maniacal insight/advice.

  15. Proud member of Roster Watch Nation here! Thanks for all your advice guys. I’m doing well in all my leagues but one. O-2 due to loosing DJ wk 1 and playing the high-scorer each week so far. I have the first pick on waivers. However, my team is actually pretty nice (Lynch, Coleman, Henry, Buck A, Riddick, DJ / Cooks, Hopkins, Hill, Dez). I’m having a difficult time deciding how to proceed. Would you:
    1. Drop Eifert (have Cook) to pick of Kearse or Carson?
    2. Try for a 2-for-1 trade of my current RB for either K. Allen or Baldwin. This would free up a roster spot for one of the above free agents. If so, which two would you pair for either one?
    3. Stand pat?

  16. Got a few questions:

    Would you drop Palmer for Siemian?
    Would you drop Cook for Engram?
    Would you drop JC for Perine?

    Sorry if these were answered in the podcast.

  17. Post By

    Would you drop Brandon Marshall, Bilal Powell or Zay Jones for any of the players at the top of the waiver cheat sheet like Chris Johnson or Kearse? Also have Mariota. Better to use the drop to stream Semien?

  18. Drop Paul Perkins for Chris Johnson or Chris Thompson? Half PPR

    Drop Mack or J Williams (GB) for Perine, Chris Johnson, or Sproles? Half PPR


    1. Yes- CT esp if you need a rb play now

  19. 1pt ppr…i have hooper….i was offered ertz..for one of my rbs from the dj rbs are….
    Henry……….any thoughts

    1. we’d love to ship Hooper + Ridick for Ertz

      suppose you could consider Perine + Hooper or Buck straight up

  20. Happy waiver day to RosterWatch Nation! I noticed this Sunday and should’ve pulled the trigger but Witten is on the wire. Perine, Buck Allen, and Witten all available in my league. I have Jared Cook, so I would assume that Witten is the first one for me priority wise. Running backs are Anderson, Tevin, Martin, Riddick, Miller and Foreman. What’s the best course of action to start winning and not be the highest scorer in the league but still 0-2? Thanks gentlemen.

    1. Allen is your top priority then Perine! Then witten

      1. Thanks Byron!

        1. Is a Hilton for Ajayi or Dalvin Cook a good idea? Enticing enough for those guys? They don’t have receiver depth.

  21. do you like steelers defense agains chicago more than tampa against vikings this week?

    1. very close call- depends on Bradford. We’d split the hair on which one you think has more allure on the season in case you can continue rolling with em- we’ve been on a Tamp def breakout for a couple months

  22. Graham is my TE. Should be looking elsewhere at some of the options on the ww sheet or one you didn’t mention on it, ben watson? here is my bench if I should and need to cut someone: wentz, derrick henry, perine, riddick, rodgers (I am not a doug martin owner and have gurley and buck allen starting), kupp, and devante parker.

    1. this is a full pt ppr, 12 team league

  23. Post By

    not sure about what to do with Powell and d. Martin? drop? look to trade?

    1. whats the setup of this league and is it ppr? I wouldn’t drop either, especially not Martin. Also are you a rodgers owner?

      1. Post By

        standard league. no I am not a Rodgers owner

        1. since standard if I dropped anyone it’d be powell for me as he is geared more towards ppr and seems he may cede carries to forte. I’d keep martin as he shouldn’t generally get td’s vultured once back. Also if he is the motivated martin which all signs point to that, you know he will be good and bucs have more weapons than before so teams shouldn’t be stacking the box against him.

          I own Martin in several leagues which are ppr, but std or ppr he is a good back to own.

    2. Drop / trade Powell anytime. We’d try packagin him and someone else solid who is overperforming for a decent / solid buy low guy

    3. Keep Martin

  24. How much am I spending in Trevor? Only have Rivers. Also do I hold Tyrell Williams as the Allen owner or move on to a lottery ticket guy? Have Allen demaryius OBJ and decker.

    1. As far as spending on Trevor if you wanted to, if you look at the sheet he is below the 5% or less value. So in theory you’d spend 5% or less of whatever your budget is or you have left of your budget.

      As far as holding tyrell, I don’t know that people or RW typically handcuff wr’s. However that isn’t a bad handcuff to have imo. That said is this league a ppr league and how many wr’s do you start. Allen, demaryius, obj, and decker are a good group to have. I’d say if you can hold tyrell I would depending on who is on waivers. I’d guess that unless in a 10 man league or less probably not anyone worthy of picking over tyrell.

      1. thanks yaeger

    2. Drol Tyrell pick somebody new up- spend the absolute minimum on TS or a backup QB- Rivers is fine

      1. *Drop

  25. I need help, major help.

    10 Man League – 3 bench, No IR Spot
    QB – Big Ben
    RB’s – CJ Anderson, Marshawn Lynch, David Johnson, Tarek Cohen, Doug Martin
    WR’s – Micheal Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Corey Davis
    TE – Kelce

    FAAB Waivers – I want to pick up Derek Henry but I need to drop a RB to do it (5 max RB’s). Would you drop one of my RB’s to get Henry – or do I hold with the RB’s that I have.
    I am thinking this may be the year that Henry takes over.

    1. Drop David Johnson

      1. You just made me throw up in my mouth a little

  26. Not WW-specific, but should I try to buy low on OBJ? Give them a WR2 or an RB? He can’t suck all season, right?

    1. Thought of doing the same. The OBJ owner is 0-2. But the Giants suck major ass…

    2. Of course, we like anytime you can buy low on one of our most golden children. We’d take a stab!

  27. Team Name: Hyphy in the Bay, 0-2
    Starting to hit the panic button. Trying to trade for a Top WR or RB. I’m super deep beings its a PPR Auction Keeper I didn’t get a top guy.
    QB Jameis
    RB Fournette, Lynch, C.J, Buck
    WR Kelvin, Diggs, D.Adams, Martavis, Corey Davis, ZAY
    TE J Reed, G.Olsen
    I’m pretty much willing to give up 2 of my top players for 1. Should I give up any 2 WR for AJ Green or Lynch and Adams for Mike Evans. Any other trades you see? Or should I just stand pat? First week I scored a lot just ran into a high week.

    1. Man – this is a good team -esp if Jordy or Cobb miss time. The wins should come if you make the right sit / starts – but we always like trolling for a good trade to improve our starting roster. So, you have the right idea.

      CJ Anderson
      Buck Allen

      are your sell high’s right now. If you can package 2 of those guys for a premium player who has a good matchup this week- we’d say do it. Best wishes- and thanks for being an awesome member of RosterWatch Nation!

    2. I think you are OK minus one WR. You should target a high priority on the ww. Bryant will be your savior, he is just getting started. You could even stay put. I would roll this week
      Lynch CJ Buck
      Bryant and Davis

      drop Olsen (unless long term keeper) for Ben Watson who is Joe’s new Dennis Pitta

  28. I made the move to carry only one TE, which lead me to dropping Hunter Henry for Clay – What % would you consider paying to get him back? Could always save $ and put in for Engram.

    1. I’d say 10% is a reasonable ceiling to target with your bid.

  29. Two questions:
    1) What did you guys see about Chris Johnson that makes him worth it?
    2) If I need a TE for one week, who would you recommend?

    1. Chris Johnson passed the eyeball test on Sun- and the others suck. Not sure how long it can last, but we think CJ can help you get a win or two in the coming weeks.

  30. Post By

    Demarco/henry owner here… who should i start? .5ppr? Or bench both of them and start mixon (hoping this is the game he breaks out… also have perine, incase fat rob doesnt play

    1. I’d prob start Henry right now. Let’s wait for the matchup tool on Wed to look at him vs Mixon- also positional rankings will be updated tomorrow.

  31. Drop eifert for ebron?

    1. Hate to do it, but think you have to.

  32. Witten or Doyle rest of season? PPR. Had Olsen

    1. Feel safer with Witten if you’re desperate. Doyle feels like a much better stash with upside

  33. OK but would you drop Cohen for Carson. The real question is how do you know if a waiver player is better or more valuable than a player that is owned by more than 50%?

    1. Super close call. We’d find someone else to drop, or as always- try to make a 2 for 1 trade to free up a roster spot. Right now Cohen looks like a solid play, and I’d prob keep him gun 2 head.

  34. Post By

    is it necessary to roster two qbs when I have a qb like big ben or wentz. love to you use that extra spot for the waiver wire.

    1. No- we rarely roster 2 QBs. Use the roster spot to navigate the waiver wire and cultivate #fantasyGold

      1. Post By


  35. Trade Devonte Parker for DeAndre Hopkins or keep Parker?

    1. Close call- I’d prob ship him for Hopkins. Close.

    2. BTW- we hate these kind of trades. But, since this one exists- it’s compelling.

  36. hi nation
    cousins bradford
    ajayi allen coleman rogers cook
    evans bryant watkins jeffrey davis
    12 team 1pt ppr
    putting in a claim for rams
    do i need to do anything else ?

    1. Man- that’s a bad ass squad.

      A couple of things:

      1- We never care how good or “set” our current roster is – we always continue making weekly pick ups

      2- If this is the entirety of your roster, then drop your backup QB for a hot waiver pick up.

      3- You should be trying to make 2 for 1 trades to consolidate your roster, improve your starting lineup, and free up room for hot weekly waiver acquisitions.

      1. Ty Byron
        Usually don’t carry 2 QB”s
        But I looked at QB matchup tool for year and picked up Bradford on waivers
        He has a great matchup all year

        1. I picked 9th this year thanks to Rosterwatch…..I have a bad ass roster the last 3 years

  37. trade D henry for D Martin? would be giving up d henry.

    1. meh , not yet

  38. Dump Eifert for Henry, Fleener, Ebron, Hooper, or Doyle. They are all free agents are they all a better player than Eifert?

    1. think you have to- unless you have a backup QB, TE, DEF or other shitty player you can drop so you can keep Eifert and pick up an extra guy.

  39. Hi

    I am very serious about dropping Jordan Howard for Buck Allen. I don’t think he will be doing much else this year, certainly not this week vs steelers. Allen looks good and even Collins may be viable since Harbs benches guys for fumbling (why Allen was under utilized last year along with poor pass protection) and Collins wasn’t benched last week despite the fumble – not even a rep was taken from him. This is a highly significant data point and bodes well for Collins in the weird London game.

    I lost last week (Anderson K Allen and Henry on bench Diggs & Howard started and Hill was a decoy last week) and need to win now.

    If you are highly against the move of cutting Howard please suggest something that I should do. Possible trade? No one really likes to trade in this league.

    Drop someone else?

    Diggs, K Allen, D Parker, D Henry or Mixon? Everyone else but Howard is much better than those guys.

    There are other good guys on waivers at RB depth Don’t A, Pisce, etc….

    So if you suggest waiting can you please provide a solid suggestion for why. To me this was like cutting V Cruz in 2014 I did it after week 2 and never looked back and he had one good game floundered for a couple then had the horrible knee injury.

    I think even past me you will need to address this one. Without a decent QB everyone will stack the box against the Bears and Howard will look like the Ravens backs last year, pedestrian at best.

    Thank you all for your time and excellent advice, this one is a pickle and I’m leaning towards cutting him.

    Best of luck to Rosterwatch Nation !

    1. Hi Minion- your waiver wire sounds extremely deep- so I suppose you could do this- but it is a bit cockamamie. We’d rather stash Howard at the bottom of our bench. Nobody else you listed is drop-able.

  40. Where do witten and hunter henry slot among the guys on the WW sheet? both available and i have eifert.

    1. And one last question: Not feeling great about Russ. Should I pick up Alex Smith or Wentz as insurance?

      1. YES- Wentz should already be owned!

    2. At the top of the TE heap- HH first.

  41. I’m guessing guys like Kerwynn Williams, Corey Coleman, B Marshall, and JStew are droppable for the top guys on cheatsheet across all formats? Correct me if I’m wrong?

    1. You’re elite renourka.

      1. Ha love you too Byron!

  42. Saw your comment regarding rostering 2 QBs, I currently have Big Ben and Rivers. With wentz on the wire, can I scale back down to 1, if so, who would you roll with? Or do to situation would you roster two and play match ups?

    1. Close call. We love the way you analyze your WW supply in order to work the problem backwards. Close call. If there is a pickup you really want we wouldn’t have a problem with the drop. Keep Big Ben.

      As we have told many above- maybe with someone the quality of Rivers- you can package him in a 2 for 1 trade to someone else for a moderate upgrade at another position on your roster.

  43. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

    Hey guys, what’s your take on ASJ now that he was reinstated yesterday? Could you add him to the cheat sheet? I feel like he may be a solid fill in for the top injured TEs (Eifert, Olsen, Graham, Gronk, etc) that may miss this week.

    Kearse and ASJ seem to be the only viable weapons for the jets.

    1. He and Ben Watson – who a few others are crowing about- could be put at the bottom of the sheet. Rest assured, RWNation’s fate will not be determined by not rostering either of them.

  44. Post By

    If you could have 5 RB’s and 5 WR’s for the rest of the season in a standard scoring league who would you choose? in order

    1. please throw us some names…………….

  45. Do you think it’s time to bump J graham? I can bid for Witten, Cook, Doyle or your # 1 waiver pick up Engram. How would you rank these? And should I drop graham or perhaps Kamara or Riddick. Thanks.

    1. Oh the same question — just substitute Eifert! Only other potential drop is Corey Davis. Thanks again

    2. Time to supplement him.

  46. RW,

    1) Gronk insurance. Drop C. Coleman for Doyle, Z. Miller, H. Henry, or J. Cook? All are available.

    2) 2 qb league – Keep A. Smith and get Siemian or hold. Waiting for if/when Luck heals up.
    Thank you as always. KC

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      1. Hunter Henry for sure, assuming PPR. Even in a standard, I think I’d go him. Now that Gates got the record, look for SD to utilize Henry more in the Red Zone instead of force feeding Gates.

      2. I like Simien better than Smith for the rest of the season (as well as this week’s matchup), but if Cutler is available, I would target him for this week (@NYJ).

      1. thank you. Cutler with someone else.

  47. What would you bid on Wentz?

  48. What’s up Nation! 2 questions…

    1-I have Hooper, is it time to bail on him? Engram, Watson, Miller, Doyle, and James available on the wire.

    2-Currently I have Ben and Cam on the roster. I know I should move 1 of them. If I can’t trade either, should I drop one and get nothing in return or roll with both for the rest of the season and play the match up game each week? If I do, which guy do I drop?

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      1. If PPR, you could bail on him for Doyle or possibly Engram. However, Ryan & co always play significantly better at home than on the road. Hooper could be in for a solid game this week, but he won’t be targeted as frequently as the other TEs you mentioned….at least not with Julio healthy.

      2. I’d play matchups here. Try to shy away from playing Big Ben on the road. Like Matt Ryan, Big Ben plays way better at home. However, this is a tough call for you this week considering Cam’s struggles to start the season. Big Ben could have a great week, but Chicago’s offense (or lackthereof) along with PIT’s defense makes me think this will be a big game for Bell. IMO, Big Ben has the higher floor, Cam has the higher ceiling. I’d likely still go Cam at home vs NO, despite his struggles and losing Olsen for the next 8 weeks. I say keep platooning them. Neither has enough value at this point to be traded. Wait until one has a huge week then trade them away if you wish.

      1. You guys are the shit! Your detailed response is very much appreciated! Keep up the good work…the nation continues to grow like crazy!

  49. Different League.

    I have Bell and Conner, and Carson and Rawls

    Foreman is available, should I drop Conner or Rawls to stash foreman?

    1. Appreciate all your guys’ help!!

  50. Started off 2 -0

    my team:
    QB – Cousins, Bradford
    RB – Ajayi, Fournette, CJ Anderson, Buck Allen, J Hill
    WR – M Thomas, Crabtree, Diggs, D Adams
    TE – Ertz
    DST – Rams

    Drop Hill for Perine, Chris Johnson, Kupp, JJ Nelson, Kearse or Hurns
    Drop Rams for Steelers, Lions or Falcons
    or pickup a backup TE – Engram, Ebron or Clay

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      Drop Hill. Pickup Perine, Kupp, Kearse, Hurns, Nelson, CJ – in that order.
      Keep the Rams DEF. You could drop Bradford for the PIT D just to play keepaway from another team. Bradford is only a streamer anyway. There are better options at QB this week (Cutler, for example).

      No need for a backup TE. Even if Ertz gets hurt, there will be comparable TEs available in FA.

      1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

        Previous reply was based on a PPR league. If you start 3 WRs and a flex, move Kupp and Kearse ahead of Perine.

        1. Thanks VDD!

          12 team .5 ppr we start 2 RB, 2 WR and a flex. Flex can be RB, WR or TE.

  51. Trade offer, I get Kelce and Larry Fitz, I send Alshon and Fleener ( I just lost Olsen) Full PPR we start 3WR and 2FL so potential for 5 WR

    My WR’s- Hopkins, Martavius Bryant, Keenan Allen, Flex Cooks, Alshon
    My TE’s- Fleener, Witten

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      I do that in a heartbeat. Ashlon has a pretty tough schedule and is injury prone. Fleener has a low floor and when Snead comes back it will hurt his value.

  52. I just got offered Todd Gurley for my Michael Crabtree. It’s a PPR. My current RBs are Carlos Hyde, mcaffrey, demarco Murray, mark Ingram, and the backup for the cards. WR I am weaker in, he’s my best WR (2QB league…got Rodgers and brees).. I have martavis Bryant, amendola, and Zay Jones. I could pick up some guys on waivers… but they’re no Crabtree. Is this a deal I can’t pass up, or do I say no?

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      You gotta say no on this one based on your situation. However, I agree with trying to trade Crabtree immediately to take advantage of his value, but get a solid WR in return. Target guys like Devante Parker, AJ Green, Brandin Cooks, Michael Thomas, Jordy Nelson, etc (guys who have had slow starts or have much higher upside than their starts have shown). You could also try pairing Murray and Crabtree for Gurley and one of his top WRs that has had an average to below average start..

      Also, how in the world did you get both Brees and Rodgers in a 2 QB league? Good for you, man.

  53. Standard scoring 10-team league and focusing on picking up value for late/post season weeks. My question is, is it time to drop Corey Coleman (I’m thinking he won’t be back and 100% until week 9 or later) and even Paul Perkins?

    My roster:
    QB Carr
    TE Kelce
    DST Rams
    RB MGordon/DCook/TColeman/DMartin/DHenry/PPerkins
    WR MEvans/KAllen/THill/DParker/CColeman/Golladay

    I’m thinking JKearse in place of Coleman and SPerine, DForeman or A Kamara in place of Perkins. I’m last in the waiver order so doubt I’ll have a shot at Chris Johnson. Thanks in advance!

    1. Post By Vick's Doggy Daycare

      Given your situation, I agree to get Kearse (or Higgins from CLE) in place of Coleman. But drop Perkins first. If Drop Coleman if you can also get Perine, Kamara, or Foreman (in that order). Chris Johnson is not worth dropping either player for.

      1. Thanks VDD! I forgot about Higgins. Late night at work tonight so your response will help me set my que.

  54. Post By

    So, if someone drops Moncrief, should I try and pick him up over the guys on the cheat sheet and hold him until Luck returns? I sounds like an obvious “yes.” Just need some consensus.

  55. Drop AP for Perine? 10 team standard. I have freeman and lynch starting with cohen, Henry and Martin on bench

  56. Post By

    Hi guys, pretty much followed the Cheat Sheet draft script. So far so good as I am 2-0 and second in pointage. QB’s – Carr and Goff, RB’s Shady, Marshawn, Trevino Coleman, Matt Forte, Darren Sproles, WR – Dez, Devante Adams, Diggs, Snead, and Deshawn Jackson, TE.s Walker , Cole , K Santo and D Denver. I see no reason to dip into the Waiver Wire do you unless I was going for some way out sleeper? One place where I broke philosophy I picked Carr over Winston.

  57. Post By

    One last point: I have been trying to get League Commish to stop 18 round draft! Ugh! Waiver pool only ankle deep. 1 point PPT btw

  58. Yo it’s me again! Back with another tough one! I’m having a hell of a time trying to decide who to potentially drop as I try to put in a claim for Perine or Foreman!? I’ve got the 11th waiver priority so chances are I only get Foreman if I’m lucky but either way I’m stumped on who to drop!

    12 Team PPR

    [1] QB: Palmer
    [2] RB: Mixon, T. Coleman (Martin, B. Allen, Riddick, Kamara)
    [3] WR: AB, M. Thomas, K. Allen (Diggs, C. Davis)
    [1] TE: Walker
    [1] W/R/T: Jeffery
    [1] IR: Luck

    Also I liked your idea of trying to trade for a guy like Jordan Howard? I’m 2-0 and was thinking of offering my Kamara + Buck Allen for JH to an 0-2 team with only JH and McCaffrey? However my RB situation has been dicey since the draft so maybe there’s a better RB to buy low on with a similar offer? Thoughts?

  59. Post By

    Dynasty 10 team PPR : I have Carson, would you trade him for Sterling Shepard? I am WR needy but don’t need to make the move, just curious if I should accept.

    1. NOOOO

  60. 10 team PPR play 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 Flex I have/ drafted JWinston DFreeman, Elliott, McCaffrey, DMartin DHenry, TevColeman OdellBeckhamjr., GTate, THill, SDiggs, CoreyColeman , Golladay TE Fleener
    Available on Waiver : CCarson, S Perine Dforeman JKearse JJNelson MLee and TE Ebron Engram Njoku
    I can’t figure out who to drop to take any of these? Do I stash Corey Coleman for later? I could use another working WR in my bunch Keep Fleener or grab Ebron/ Engram for this week?
    Thank you

    1. In this league- I think you can drop Coleman for sure – and honestly if there was a guy I really wanted – I’d drop Golladay, too.

      Your squad is awesome. You could maybe use a WR more than a RB- but main thing- try to keep getting the best players available. Break ties by considering your positional needs.

  61. 12 team ppr. Drop Gillislee for Carson?

    1. Oh man, crazy tough call. I don’t think so.

  62. Standard scoring
    I have Ertz, I’m thinking about picking one of the following- Henry Watson Cook Ebron Engram or Howard..
    I’ll then trade Ertz for CJ Anderson.

    Worth it? My rbs are Cook Perine and Gordon

    1. yeah- we like that.

  63. Post By

    Good podcast tonight guys… Unfortunately I play in strong leagues where most of the best players you guys were touting the last two weeks were already rostered or guys blew their entire fab on! Krazy cockamamie people blowing everything on Cohen, Thompson, Williams, Carson etc.

  64. Let the wire come to you, farm it. You will get paid mid-season, likely with even better pickups.

  65. Should I drop one of the following qbs for Wentz?
    Winston Mariota or Rivers? Or just roll with who I have?

    1. Jeez- right now it appears you should drop Mariota for Wentz. Rostering 3 QBs is tough, though.

  66. Thanks for all your guidance over the last two years! Badnewsbears, 12 team ppr. I need three from this list: Ingram, Cohen, Watkins, Burkhead and Kearse. I can pick up D. Henry since someone just dropped him if nobody else is watching the waiver tomorrow. Thanks again!

  67. I know I’m super paranoid with my qbs! The last 2 years my qbs have burned me. Thanks for all the help.

  68. Ravaged Beeeeactches 12 team .5PPR. I am hurting at RB. I am debating proposing a trade giving Diggs for Ajayi, what are your thoughts?

    1. Post By

      Hard to say without knowing the rest of the story but if you are good at wr and you think the guy will take it I would do it!

  69. Drop Bilal Powel for Foreman? Or hold

  70. Oh yeah. What do I do with Peterson. Both Powell and Peterson seems like drop candidates for guys with upside like Perine and Foreman?

  71. Post By

    Hi, any comment on my team and q posted 6:42 last night? Thanks

  72. Post By

    14 team full point ppr. Bottom of the roster question. Jamaal Williams or Matt Brieda?

  73. Post By

    Need 2WR Standard M Crabtree, G Tate, P Garcon, C Hogan, L Fitzgerald & A Jeffery

    Thank you,

    RW Nation

  74. With a roster of AJ Green, K. Allen, M. Bryant, D. Parker and J. Maclin at WRs – Does the nation feel it would be too crazy to drop Maclin for the Wild Card of R. Higgins? This dude for real and worth a wild card shot. Maclin seems to be very TD dependent and gets 4 targets a game.

    Thoughts from the community or Editor and Chief and Co-Founder…

  75. 10 team PPR: Have Jimmy Graham and Jack Doyle. HH is available. Do I drop Doyle or Graham for Henry?
    How long do I give Graham? I would rather package a trade with Graham as I would hate to just drop him, but I also don’t think I will get much for him by selling low. All my players seem to be underperforming:

    R. Wilson, Lynch, J Howard, M Thomas, J Graham

    My other players are: Hyde, Evans, Buck Allen, Garcon, T Coleman, D Johnson Jr, Snead, Kupp

  76. Post By

    Questions on Draftkings Weekly cheat sheet

    I see the cheat sheet.
    a. Is this your list of the best players to use for both GPP and Cash? Thus, I should stick with the list and mix them up for lineups?
    b. At top left, you say for tournament strategy to factor Upside and Stack. Where do I see how the players fair for Upside potential. Also, who are you recommending to stack?
    c. You factor in Surplus, which it think you represent by the +/-. For Rivers it was 21.2. Can you explain more what that means? Rodgers was only 22.7. So which is better?
    d. You have a column labeled RW Trends. Is the higher the better? What is the max so I know if a 8 for Rivers last week is very strong or not?
    e. Are you listing the players in order of your strongest pick to weakest? For week 2 you had Ty as the first RB listed. But, he is not best OppRK has highest ownership, not the lowest Proj +/-. He does have the highest RB Trends at 8. So why is the listed first?

  77. Post By

    Chris Carson or TY Hilton for Flex? 1 pt ppr.

  78. Should I be worried about Michel Thomas? Need to start 3 of these WRs — Thomas, Crabtree, M Bryant or D Parker. Miami and Pitts high on match-up + Crabtree better than Thomas, but reluctant to bench Thomas who is # 6 on weekly rankings. who would you bench? thanks

  79. Post By

    Jamison Crowder, Devante Parker or Duke Johnson for my flex position.

    Your matchup tool likes all three but I am intrigued with Johnson playing both the slot and the RB. What I don’t like about him is his snap percentage and Crowell in Goal line situations.

    What do you think?


  80. Post By

    Would you trade Lynch and T Hill for Mixon and M Thomas? 1 pt ppr.

  81. Post By

    Someone dropped Cousins, I have Palmer and Tyrod
    should I pick him up????

  82. .5 ppr I need to drop a receiver. Agholor,Kearse or Lee?

  83. PPR play 2 RB 3 WR 1Flex 1 TE
    JWinston DFreeman, Elliott, McCaffrey, DMartin DHenry, TevColeman OdellBeckhamjr., GTate, THill, SDiggs, JKearse , Golladay TE Ebron
    I am thinking about picking up Cutler for this week – would drop Golladay or Kearse Worth it for the QB stream?
    Are Kearse and Golladay the 2 players for me to consider dropping for hot pick ups as they arise from week to week?

  84. I have graham and need te but not sure if I should cut graham or bench player. Don’t really want to cut anyone from my bench.

    12 man full pt ppr 2rb 2 wr flex

    Bench- kupp, devantae parker, riddick, perine, Henry, wentz, jacquiz Rodgers (I’m not a Martin owner

    Ben Watson and several other ww pickups are avbl. I really like Watson but he’s not on ww sheet.

    1. Also would you rather have Kupp or Higgins?

  85. Post By

    What’s up with the waiver wire cheat sheet? When I click the link it takes me back to the RW home page.

  86. Team Name: Sisters of the Poor
    Record: 1-1, 1pt PPR

    Need 1 WR, 2 RB and 1 Flex from the remaining

    WR- Marquise Lee, Davante Parker, D. Funchess
    RB- McCoy, T. Cohen, D. Murray, C. Carson

    Thanks guys!!

  87. Hi, RW. Thx for all you do.
    0.5 p PPR, 1-1 record
    QB- Newton
    RBs- D Freeman, CJ Anderson, M Lynch, D Martin, A Abdullah, and T Cohen
    WRs- AJ Green, Keenan Allen, M Bryant, M Lee and C Kupp
    TE- Engram

    Drop T Cohen for Javorius Allen? Drop Abdullah for Allen?
    Drop Engram for Cook? WW Cheat sheet 3 and Wk 3 rankings have them in opposite order.
    Like the podcasts! Like to hear you use your full, trashy vocabulary.

  88. Need a WR — M. Wallace, D. Moncrief, P. Richardson, C. Beasley available. Should I drop M. Lee to pick up one of these four, and which would you choose?

  89. RW, thank you for all of the great materials.
    Full point PPR, 1-1 record. Struggling with my RB2 position

    QB Dak
    WR Jordy, Diggs, Dez, Hopkins, Maclin, Zay Jones, Marqise Lee, Kearse
    RB Crowell, Chris Thompson, J Stewart, Perine
    TE Doyle
    Carson Palmer on the bench

    Which two RBs should I play this week? Kamara is on the waiver wire. Should I make a drop to pick him up? Do I need to trade for another RB? Thanks!

  90. With Tyler Eifert out who would be a good streamer at TE and maybe going forward? Hooper, or someone else from this weeks Cheat sheet?

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