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RosterWatch Week 8 DFS Cheat Sheets (DraftKings, FanDuel) and HyperDFS Lineup Generator Now Available

The epic DFS Cheat Sheets for FanDuel and DraftKings are now LIVE and available for download to RosterWatch PRO members.

PRO members, click here to head over to the downloads section to use the sheets or give HyperDFS a spin.

NEW! Check out the new and improved version of your very own professional lineup builder, RosterWatch HyperDFS, also in your downloads section! Lock in players you like and generate combo after combo of RW-approved builds!!!

*****As a reminder, we always recommend using the Cheat Sheet in conjunction with the Vegas Tool once it is published Saturday evenings as Vegas almost always identifies a few value plays who aren’t necessarily on the sheet, but may provide excellent flexibility cap-wise. Sometimes we will update the sheet through the weekend as information comes in from injury reports, Vegas or elsewhere*****


THE GOAL of the sheet is to reduce the number of players for the weekly slate to players expected to generate Positive Surplus Value (fantasy points over salary expected points). The player pool is narrowed down to players who meet a minimum number of trends.

THE TRENDS are a series of pass/fail threshold tests of position-specific stats predictors. Through the use of predictive models, we have analyzed every predictive metric we could for each position related to Vegas Indicators, Unit Matchups, Individual Matchups, Historical Performance, Game Script, Weather, and so much more.


  1. Help! i need guidance. 3-4. And MSanders just placed on IR
    PPR play 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 flex 1 TE
    # need to play. My Team
    [1] QB: Carr. Wentz as plug and play this week
    [2]. RB AKamara, JRobinson, MSanders EMitchell Clyde E-H(IR)
    [3]. WR DHopkins KAllen JChase Antonio Brown, J Landry Ruggs
    [1]. TE Gesiki

    MSanders placed on IR. Ant Brown Out

    1. Should I drop MSanders and pick up any of these available ? Or keep in bench spot as IR
    WR KToney, TPatrick , MGallup. SShephard RBateman
    RB David Johnson, MDavis, TPollard KGainwell. ADillon

    2. Also plan to play Wentz this week and keep Carr
    Other QB available for this week. Pick one instead of Wentz for this week?
    DJones. TBridgewater. TLawrence. DWatson

    1. There’s an argument for Toney, but I want to see him play a whole game without getting injured first. I think Wentz is your best bet.

  2. Need 2
    Gibson , Darrel Williams , and K Herbert

    1. Williams and Herbert if it’s a ppr. Gibson and williams if not

  3. Alex, Byron or Trashman-

    Reposting here just in case:

    12 Team .5 PPR (3-4)

    [1] QB: Herbert
    [2] RB: N. Harris, Chubb (Gainwell, Mack, B. Scott)
    [2] WR: Diggs, McLaurin (AB, Ruggs)
    [1] TE: Uzomah
    [2] W/R/T: Higgins, E. Mitchell
    [2] IR: M. Sanders, Wilson
    Bench total: (6)

    I know you guys loved the fact I just traded away Thielen for Chubb but now another team that’s 2-5 offered Swift + Pitts for my N. Harris + Mitchell + Higgins which I won’t do but what’s a good counter offer?

    Other team (2-5):
    [1] QB: Darnold (Watson)
    [2] RB: A. Jones, Swift (Da. Williams, Dillon, Michel, Hasty)
    [2] WR: Lamb, Shenault (R. Anderson)
    [1] TE: Pitts
    [2] W/R/T: Gibson, D’Ernest Johnson
    Bench total: (6)

  4. Post By

    I’ve got jalen hurts in a dynasty league. He doesn’t look like the Eagles long term answer, but he’s obviously producing for fantasy right now. Is now the time to trade and if so, what’s an appropriate price? Thanks guys

    1. If you’re winning now and think you can potentially win your league I’d hold him. If not, I’d need a first round pick for him

  5. Need Input,

    Full point ppr. Due to attrition I have end of bench spots I can fill this weekend. Looking for thoughts on who to pick up just as a lottery ticket. (Could you rank your top 4 from this list please?)

    Jamaal Williams
    Ty Johnson
    Samaje Perine
    Sony Michel
    Jamycal Hasty
    Trey Sermon
    Pat Freiermuth

    Thank you

    1. Williams, perine, Michel, freiermuth

      1. Thanks Trashman

  6. Good morning,
    COMBACK TIME / 3 -4 in a 12 team PPR

    Would you sit Tee Higgins to play Kadarius Toney? I would still be able to start Slayton if Toney ends up not playing.

    Thanks guys.

    1. No, Higgins gets too many targets and I want to see toney finish a game

  7. Post By Colonel Jessup

    Need help have to start 3. E. Mitchell, Ekeler, Swift and Robinson. Just wait til tomorrow in news for ekeler ?? Thank you

    1. Ekeler, Robinson, Swift

  8. Post By Colonel Jessup

    Standard scoring sorry

  9. PPR
    Thinking about dropping MSanders and picking up either. ACollins or R Penney. Or KGAinwell or TPollard or MDavis
    What would I recommend ?

    1. I’d want to see their usages This week before deciding. I’d lean Collins though

  10. Above would be for my RB 4/5 for the bench

  11. 1 PT. PPR: K. Herbert or D. Williams (KC)?

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