RW Doctrine- Don’t Panic

RW Doctrine- Don’t Panic at 0-2
Alex Dunlap,

You should not be soliciting fantasy football trades after Week 2 assuming reasonable circumstances no matter your position relative to your league mates.

Remember this is a 13 week regular season in standard leagues.

If you are 0-2, hold under all circumstances. Right now, you are the sucker at the table and you are ignoring the RW Trade Doctrine.

If you are 0-2, you have players who are underperforming and/or injured. In acknowledging this, you understand that their underperformance is something which can only be controlled by chance, and not as a function of your ability to manage. Your ability to manage must now overcome the circumstances by which you have found yourself in this early funk. Many 7-6 teams can make the fantasy football playoffs (6-7 sometimes gets in in division-leagues)and right now is not the time to be dealing with league mates.

Take that energy and expend it scouring your waiver wire for upside players you can acquire without dealing from a postion of weakness. Our Trashman has had a great record so far with calling out these weekly plays as well as hold plays such as Fred Davis and Ryan Fitzpatrick in the preseason.


  1. So I thought I was sitting pretty with Michael Vick. My love for his potential production outweighed my rationality–Vick ALWAYS gets hurt. My backup is Garrard. Should I work on a trade? I’m 1-1, not 0-2, but I still really want to work out a better backup. I have plenty of top-notch RBs to work on a decent trade. What do you think?

    1. Will,

      What is up man! The first thing we need to know is what QBs are on your waiver wire???? I’m not necessarily against trading Vick but his value is kind of low after the concussion so you probably need to hold him until he rebuilds his value a bit. As you mention in order to do that you also need a good replacement plan at QB. If Cam Newton is available in your league grab him immediately if not send us a list of your QB options so we can help. Jason Campbell is almost certainly on your wire and if push comes to shove we like him.

      If you are that deep at RB another option would be trading an RB for a decent back up. Remember though it is very early in the season to be consolidating your depth it is a marathon of a season and there are still a lot of injuries yet to occur. If you are bent on a trade the best suggestion I can make is to let Vick rebuild his value and package him with one of your RBs for Tom Brady. Not sure that is in the best interest of your team without knowing more but that move would certainly relieve your QB headaches.

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    2. Well, if he’s not gonna go- you might have to pick someone up.
      Who all is available on your waiver wire? Garrard is worthless and should be off your roster anyway. Are Ryan Fitzpatrick or Chad Henne available as free agents?

  2. Post By Chris (Fantasy Brain) Pooch

    Will don’t fret! Vick’s potential Will outweigh your expectations, and can take you to the glorious bragging rights you may deserve. Eagles have a weak O-line, and count on Vick to duck and dodge his progressors. This is a great reason to look into a back-up, but not to deteriate your team. Running-backs are also injury prone so you might need to keep what you got there.

    Don’t make a season ending decision on a trade, and snag you a servicable QB on the wire, and ride the Vick train out! At the most he will miss a couple of weeks during the season, and one of those will be is bye week. You Can Do It!

  3. Will,

    This is a great point by Chris. Trades can be great but you don’t want to out think yourself. Its never a bad idea to stay on the roller coaster formerly known as The Michael Vick Experience. That ride is fast, furious,exhilarating, it goes very high, and usually stops in a really good place.

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