RW Podcast 223: Henry Ruggs Nuclear Space Jam

Alex Dunlap and the Trashman discuss a few fantasy football news and notes before diving into their scouting breakdown and evaluation of 2020 Alabama WR prospect Henry Ruggs III.

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  1. Post By Moosetermind

    Great pod… this might be a question for Trashman. I’m curious if you put any stock into college cornerbacks’ opinions of who was the toughest to guard. At the combine I noticed many said Jamarr Chase which is exciting for next year, but Okudah said Quintez Cepheus. He’s got a terrible profile, but he has burst and a good letter of recommendation

    1. I look at it for sure, and take those things into consideration. The Chase stuff at the combine was really eye-opening, but the Cephus/Okudah thing could be more of a matchup-issue. I was encouraged he improved his 40 so much at the pro day, although everyone does it seems like. He certainly didn’t play that slow.

      1. Wow, 4.56. I didn’t realize he was able to drop it so much. You’re right though, probably some home cooking. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s one of those training camp guys that flashes onto a coach’s radar.

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