RW Podcast 317: Week 12 DFS Main Slate Breakdown and Walk-Through

Alex Dunlap walks through the Week 12 Main Slate on DraftKings and FanDuel, highlighting his favorite plays and strategies for tournaments as well as cash games.

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  1. Drake, Hunt, ARob, Carson.

    Which one sits?

    1. I’d prob sit ARob, maybe Drake

  2. PPR

    Oozing with mediocrity and need help

    Need 2- Ekeler (if he indeed is active), Drake, Montgomery, Gallman

    Need 1- ARob or Moore

    1 Flex of the leftovers


    1. Ekeler + Gallman



  3. A bit of a problem…
    My team: PPR
    CGodwin, CRidley, RWoods, JJSmithShuster, CDLamb. Antonio Brown
    JRobinson, ZekeElliott, AGibson, KDrake, LFournette, AEkeler
    DEF: Pittsburgh
    Ekeler is in my 1 IR spot. Not sure if I am going to be forced to drop someone to open a bench spot because he came off IR or I can just stall until next week (Yahoo format)
    Who would I drop if I had to do it this week? CDLamb already played. Drop Ant Brown?

    Also have Pittsburgh Defense. If I have to drop Ant Brown for Ekeler. Who would I drop to pick up streaming Defense? Or just play without defense
    I am in play offs regardless of game outcome

    1. Prob drop AB since you own Godwin

      Would prob drop Fournette or maybe JuJu after that. If you can still get a BYE go for broke, if you have nothing to gain w/ a win- then maybe take your chances w/out a defense

  4. PPR I need to pick 3
    David Montgomery
    Damien harris
    Giovanni bernard

    1. Ekeler + Monty + Harris

  5. Ekeler or James Robinson. In PPR

    1. Prob Robinson

  6. Post By

    wtf you guys aren’t on siriusxm Saturday pm anymore!? welp aleast I found yall here smh love u guys!

    1. Thank you for your loyal support! Happy Holidays!

  7. .5 PPR need 1 WR and 1 Flex out of these 4..
    Pittman Jr., G. Bernard, Boyd, Claypool

    1. It comes down to Pittman vs. Bernard for me becasuse I worry about CIN passing game and PIT even playing. Bernard is the safer option, Pittman probably has the better upside. He have them both projected between 10-11 points in .5 PPR. I’d go Pittman because I hate to think of that CIN offense, but Gio will touch the ball more than Pittman 99% of the time.

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