RW Podcast 337: Best and Worst Free Agent Landing Spots

Alex Dunlap is joined by the Trashman to discuss rookie WRs and the best and worst 2021 NFL free agent landing spots for fantasy football.

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  1. Gents,

    I just bought an orphan dynasty squad.

    I inherited the following roster curious to get some feedback from you guys what you think and moves to be made.

    Qbs: Dak, Burrow, Baker, Stafford, Fitzmagic
    Rbs: Taylor, Dobbins, Mattison, M.Brown, R.Freeman
    WRs: Cooper, T.Higgins, Reagor, Arthega-Whiteside, Bryan Edwards, Duvernay, Trequan Smith
    TEs: Hock, Gesicki, D.Arnold

    We keep 25 and I inherited no 1st round pick, a late 2nd, early 3rd, early 4th round picks in rookie draft so have some work to do.

    We start 3 WRs so I feel I need to upgrade WR help but also have no rbs to even start if JT and JK go down.

    Folks are asking about a package for either Dak/Amari or Burrow/Higgins but wanted some of your thoughts where you would start? Which QBs would you keep I guess is one question? Would you keep Dak and Burrow or just 1 and roll with one or two backups who the ones I have are solid backups.
    Trade the one who would bring more in return which would be Dak? Target a WR1? Get some backup RB help? Add draft picks?


    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      -I’d keep Burrow and Stafford and try to move Dak , Baker, and Fitz for assets (assuming this is not Superflex)
      -Looks like RB is the main area you need to bolster, if you can be opportunistic to improve WR that’s fine too but I don’t see it as the same priority as RB for you
      -This is a good team built for the future that you can also win now with

      I would 100 percent trade Dak and Amari if I could get a big offer. I’d rather keep Higgins and Burrow since you won’t be able to get as much for them.

  2. Appreciate that sir!

    1. Post By Baron VonIronCock

      Wow that is a nice team to inherit !!

      If its a 1 qb league gotta trade a cpl of qbs
      But only if u get fair market.

      I think Byron suggested movin dak because he would get the most return value.

      My 1st move if iam u
      Try and trade amari and a 4th for aiyuk
      Plus a 2nd .

      Or amari for shenault or chark plus some
      Side action

      I would also try something similar for kupp
      He is 28 and time to move that asset while he still has value.

      But like Byron says
      Look at the teans with shallow qbs and target dak to them
      Dak should get u a 1st and a good player like a boyd or dillon +

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