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RW Podcast 347: Alex, Byron and Trashman’s Final 2021 Rookie Rankings

RosterWatch Co-Founders Alex Dunlap, Byron Lambert and the Trashman come together to go over their final thoughts on the cumulative 2021 Pre-NFL Draft Rookie Rankings at Running Back and Wide Receiver

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  1. Great stuff, especially for dynasty platforms! Love your rankings. Even Trashman’s top WR pick. When do you suspect you’ll have your rookie draft dynasty cheat sheet up? Interested to see how you break it all down post draft.

    I just swung a trade this morning. I gave JRob, 2.04, and 4.09 and got 1.06, 1.08, and 2.08. JRob will forever tug on my heartstrings, but felt that was a massive haul. I now sit on the 2021 1.02, 1.06, 1.08, 1.09, and 2.08 in a 2QB league. I’m almost certain Lawrence will go 1.01 and I’m prepared to pounce on Najee at 2.

    My QBs are Mahomes and Wentz. Would I be crazy to target a Pitts/Chase/Etienne/Javonte if one of them were to fall to 1.06? The league voted to go 2QB this year, so not everyone’s set up for it. Could be interesting.

    1. Obviously not completely sold on Wentz as QB2, but he might be a better hold than what rookie QBs will be there at 6.

      1. Post By Byron Lambert

        I would take for sure Chase and probably Pitts (pending landing spot) over QB if you have Wentz.

        But would consider a Top 5 QB over the other guys- esp the 3 running QBs – that will be a closer call

  2. Good sh!& gents! You opened my eyes to the talent of jaylen waddle was a bit worried about him but not anymore. Curious to view the rest of the ranks, keep killing it!

  3. Post By Byron Lambert

    Thanks Born2

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