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RW Podcast 348: Dolphins Rapid Fire w/ Armando Salguero

Alex Dunlap and Alan Seslowksy discuss dynasty startup rankings updates post-NFL draft and welcome in Dolphins longtime beat reporter Armando Salguero for a Miami-based rapid fire session.

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  1. Great stuff as always! I enjoyed hearing some Foals discussion in this one. He’s someone I’ll he having my eye on. He went undrafted in our 4 10 team rookie draft last weekend. Both him and Rhamondre Stevenson.

    How are you guys valuing Mims this year for dynasty? Do you see big things for him in this new look Jets system? Am I completely nuts for thinking he could blow up into a mid to low tire WR1?

    Also, maybe I missed it, but who is the RW consensus Golden Son for this class? Or is one not chosen yet?

  2. Doaks****

    Sorry, auto correct got me with Foals.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Consensus Golden Son this year is Amari Rodgers! Mims is interesting b/c of the competition that’s been brought in w/ Davis and Moore along w/ rookie QB- make it a little uncertain- but big picture w/ Zach Wilson we def see Mims having a break out sooner than later

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