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RW Podcast 357: 2021 Breakout Players and RB Strength of Schedule

Alex Dunlap is joined by Alan Seslowsky (@AlanSeslowsky) to discuss 2021 breakout predictions, RosterWatch’s recently dropped RB strength of schedule tool and to run more draft simulations using v1.5 of the RosterWatch Ultimate Draft Cheat Sheet.

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  1. Great stuff as usual, boys! Awesome hearing Alan on the pod. Lots of good discussion that’s up my alley in this one.

    I’m contemplating throwing this dynasty offer on the table, what do you think?

    I give: Claypool, Sermon, Damien Harris

    I get: Gibson and Kupp

    Is that a fair deal? I’ve been chasing the Golden Son in this league since he was drafted. And hearing you guys gush over Gibson is music to my ears. But so is all the Sermon talk. What’s your take?

    I’m a full on contender right now and am trying to take it home after two straight losses in the ship.

    Two QB (first year), full PPR 10 team league

    QB: Mahomes, Herbert, Wentz

    WR: Ridley, AJB, Jefferson, Keenan Allen, Evans, Sutton, Claypool, Pittman, Mims

    RB: Cook, Chubb, Mixon, Najee, ETN, Sermon, Damien Harris

    TE: Kittle, Trautman

    1. Oh yes I would make that trade. Not sure you can get it done, but you can try!

  2. Post By

    Keeper options: AJ Brown (4th round), JK Dobbins (7th round), Jalen Hurts (21st round), Logan Thomas (21st round) and AJ Dillon (21st round)…Am I crazy to take Brown and Dobbins!?

    In a 1/2pt PPR IDP league, one quarter back league. Thanks I’ll hang up and listen 🙂

    1. Brown and Dobbins for me although Hurts in the 21st is tempting.

  3. Post By

    Sorry, should have mentioned. I only get two.

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