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RW Podcast 360: AFC North Running Backs w/ John Proctor

Alex Dunlap is joined by John Proctor (@JohnProctorDFS), preseason DFS NFL GOAT and former co-host of the DFS Power Hour Podcast. Find his new podcast with Scott Barrett and Graham Barfield during the NFL regular season at Fantasy Points.

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  1. Just started the rookie draft. Have the 3rd pick, 12 team PPR. extra flex spot. Chase went #1

    QB-Tanny, MRyan

    RB- D Henry, Miles Sanders, Dobbins, Gibson, JRob, Ingram, Kelley

    WR-Evans, ARob, JuJu, Laviska, Sutton, Lazard, Tyrell Williams, Josh Reynolds

    Te-Andrews, Irv

    So Chase went #1 and assuming Najee goes #2 would you recommend securing the Jax backfield behind Lawrence, or swinging for Javonte or Devonta? I actually am considering moving back slightly and targeting a WR there but if I stick with 3 what would any of you guys recommend?

    P.S. Good to be back for the new year you guys are the absolute best in the business

  2. Got a keeper question for a 12 team 1 ppr league:

    A.J. Brown- 4th round
    T.J. Hockenson-13th round

    Can’t decide whether to lock up that my best player or take the value at TE and not have to worry about it the entire draft.

    Thanks all!!

    1. Post By

      AJ in the 4th is who I would keep, his ADP is around a mid 2nd TJ ADP is mid to late 4th. With AJ set you can then have more flexibility with your 1st, 2nd and 3rd picks.

  3. Keeper question for the brain trust! — 10 team 1/2 ppr league

    Antonio Gibson in 3rd
    Alan Robinson in 5th

    Which one should I keep thanks

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