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RW Podcast 496: Fantasy Fallout From the NFL Draft – AFC North and AFC West

Alex Dunlap and the Trashman discuss all of the fantasy football fallout from the 2023 NFL Draft as it relates to the clubs from the AFC North and the AFC West.

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  1. Post By John Hunsberger

    Hey guys I could be wrong but the draft cheatsheet look identical . Just making sure these are correct before I roll them out this weekend for rookies !! Thanks for your help

    1. Post By Nebraskan Assassins

      Just seen that as well

      1. yes, it was our mistake but is now fixed — apologies.

    2. Sorry about that, it got fixed over the weekend. one got uploaded twice on accident.

  2. Another dynasty trade to discuss. How much of an upgrade is TLaw from Murray? 12 team SF PPR TEP.

    I give: Murray, 1.03

    I get: TLaw, 1.10, 2024 1st

    QB: Herbert, Murray, Howell, Trask

    WR: AJB, Wilson, Pittman, London, Dotson, Burks, Bateman, Pierce, Doubs

    RB: Walker, Etienne, White, J. Cook, Strong, K. Ingram

    TE: Dulcich, Woods, Ferguson

    This would increase my 2024 capital to 3 1sts. MHJ sweepstakes!

    1. I would absolutely do that trade.

  3. Dynasty trade question.
    12 team PPR 1 QB.
    1 am being offered Rashaad Penny, and Rookie draft picks 2.11 / 3.03 / 3.08

    I would have to give up my
    Pick 2.05

    Seems like I should run and hit accept. What do y’all think?

    1. I can see why it was offered because people do see a little bit of a falloff through the middle of RD2, but I think the offer is fair and I’d probably take it. Might want to wait until you are on the clock, though, to make sure that someone you love hasn’t fallen to 2.05. Though it does risk the chance that the guy your trade partner wants could be gone and he’ll abandon the deal.

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