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RW Podcast 520: Fantasy Football Training Camp Hype w/ Pete Overzet

Alex Dunlap is joined by Pete Overzet (@PeterOverzet) to discuss what fantasy football news coming out of training camps is important and what is not.

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  1. Thoughts on this trade in Dynasty? 12 team SF PPR TEP.

    Give: AJB, Ty Chandler, possibly add Doubs or A. Pierce.

    Get: Pitts, Diontae, Montgomery, 2025 1st

    Both contending teams

    QB: Herbert, Lawrence, Howell, Trask

    WR: AJB, G. Wilson, Pittman, London, Burks, Dotson, Pierce, Doubs, M. Wilson, Hutchinson

    RB: Walker, Etienne, White, J. Cook, Strong, Chandler, Charbonnet, Hull, McIntosh, McLaughlin,

    TE: Dulcich, Kincaid

    1. While I hate giving up AJB and not sure I would do it, when you run out the projections, the Pitts/2025 1st team has to be the winner here. Since you have Kincaid, I hope this is a league where you can start more than one TE, though, if you do this deal.

      1. So this was offered to me, and we’ve been going back and forth on the additional pieces. Brown is just such a huge piece alone, but I do agree on the Pitts/2025 1st projections for sure.

        Yes, we can start 2 TEs. Our lineups are QB, WRx2, RBx2, TE, Flexx2, SF.

        1. it’s really tough man. I ran it on a few trade analyzers on other sites just now to make sure I wasn’t being crazy and they both showed it as even bigger of a win than I naturally thought just thinking it through. With that said, I still feel a little weird about it for some reason. It’s tough to let go of such a stud, young piece like AJB.

  2. Also just noticed my avatar is MIA! Please remind me how to add that.

    1. I forgot how to do that, will look it up, probably have the instructions somewhere.

      1. Test Test…I think I got it.

  3. Would you trade Bateman and Zach Evans for a 2024 late 1st in Dynasty?

    1. answered in another thread

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