RW Podcast Episode 124: The Christian Kirk-Kliff Kingsbury Connection

Alex Dunlap and Byron Lambert discuss the fantasy fortunes of several rookie WRs from 2018 as they move into Year 2 of their NFL careers.

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    Where is the best place to post dynasty questions? I was thinking Phillip Lindsay is a possible sell high candidate. Do you agree? If so what type of package would be looking for? A particular team in my league has a nice amount of picks plus guys like Desean Hamilton, Chris Godwin, and Ronald Jones that I have varying degrees of interest in.

    1. This is a good place to post them! I like selling high on Lindsay for a few reasons. Mostly that it seems like his running style is unsustainable for his size and also because it just seems like Freeman will continue to at least turn that thing into a committee if they want to keep Lindsay healthy. I think right now you could probably get Godwin-plus which would be fair enough. With how hot a name Lindsay is right now, maybe see if you could do Lindsay and a 2019 2 for Godwin and a 2020 first or something similar.

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    Thanks for the response

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