RW Podcast Episode 129: Sigmund Bloom

Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) is a co-owner of FootballGuys, one of the largest premium fantasy football advice and strategy websites in the world. He covers the NFL year-round at FBG as well as on his podcasts entitled “The Audible” and “On The Couch” respectively.

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  1. Dynasty ppr league how would reconcile having Gurley and Chubb as starting rbs with the latest developments? Other rbs are Damien Williams, penny, mcguire, ito smith..should I look to possibly move either Gurley or chubb? I am pick 1.12 defending champ would you be looking to draft a rookie rb at that spot there like jacobs or Montgomery depending who lands best? Would love your thoughts.

    1. we’ll answer this on the PRO pod today.

    2. Hi Born 2,

      We answered this at the end of the most recent PRO Podcast. Thanks for the question! Hope you are well!


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