RW Podcast Episode 133: Turron Davenport

Turron Davenport is a football analyst, reporter and author. He currently covers the Tennessee Titans for ESPN. You can find him on Twitter at @TDavenport_NFL and find links to purchase his books below.

Books by Turron Davenport:

Carson Wentz: Soaring with the Eagles:
A Team Makes a Miracle:
Football, A Love Story:
What Did Football Teach Me:

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  1. Post By samartin1117

    I’m pretty sure I remember you guys mentioning a mezcal bar in Austin that serves up fried grubs. I’ll be in Austin next weekend, just wondering what the name of this joint is. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      LOL- good recall! It’s attached to Whisler on East 6th, it’s on the side and up the stairs. Technically believe it is called Mezcaleria Tobala. Def stop by, it’s a cool spot.

      1. Thanks Byron! Looking forward to seeing the national treasure that is Ray Wylie Hubbard live. Any other recommendations that you may have are greatly appreciated!

        1. Post By Byron Lambert

          Oh man, the list would be so long. I would highly recommend going to LA BBQ on East Cesar Chavez for BBQ. Get the fat / moist brisket and a giant beef rib. I promise you’ll thank me, it’s not just good- it’s next level can’t leave this earth without trying it. The earlier you go is typically better. I’d go for early lunch.

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