RW Podcast Episode 148: Trashman’s Prop Bet Reckoning

Alex Dunlap tallies up Trashman’s massive losses on the season-long fantasy football prop bets they made with each other prior to the 2018 season, while also getting a new one on the books for 2019.

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  1. Good podcast guys! Looking forward to training camps kicking off.

    I have an unrelated question on how/if I should tailor the re-draft cheat sheet (I know it’s not out yet) for my QB/TE picks. In the past 3 years I’ve followed the cheat sheet for my re-draft, standard scoring league and always taking a QB and usually the TE after most teams in the league select a 2nd at both positions (I draft only one for each). My drafts are great and I’m doing well with waiver wire pick-ups BUT the other teams in my league have no interest in trades. I think the lack of trade opportunities coupled with my late drafting of QB/TEs ranked around 18-24 is hurting my performance.

    I don’t like to bastardize the mythical cheat sheet but want your advice on if I need to focus on QB & TE picks earlier than the sheet based on my league’s lack of trading interest. Thanks in advance.

    1. thx freebird, you can always deviate if you feel like your league has special circumstances. However, we think there will be excellent QB options available in most leagues this year in rounds 12 or later and we have numerous TEs priced in to allow us high exposure as well. Run some mocks, see how you feel and it’s fine to adjust accordingly as you know your league best.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Agree that the QB depth is better this year and will start running mocks. I might deviate to draft a TE6 or better this year…kills me when the other teams feel the need to draft 2 TEs (much less QBs) but allows me to scoop up good value RBs/WRs.

  3. Looking for 2 keepers in a 12 team 0.5ppr or these 4:
    4th rd D Henry
    7/8th rd Chubb, Golladay, KJohnson
    Thanks fir the input and great work guys

    1. I’d go with Chubb and Kerryon in the 7th and 8th, you’re picking up a lot of value there vs. ADP whereas Henry is going late-third, early 4th right now as is.

  4. My dynasty startup auction is starting Wednesday. Where do you slot Tyreek Hill in your WR rankings given his status is up in the air?

    1. In a 12-team dynasty startup, I might take Hill after Diggs and guys like that. So much up in the air right now, I’m probably not aggressive enough to get him.

      1. I’m likely going to nominate him right away (each owner nominates 1 guy per day, online slow auction) and hope someone over pays. I like to avoid risky players plus I’d rather not root for a POS on my fantasy team.

  5. Post By Pablackbird

    Looking at a BestBall10, are you using the best ball cheat sheet from May or thePPr V1.8? Thanks guys

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Generally, this time of yr we recommend migrating to the Draft CS, even in Best Ball

  6. Just curious how the RosterWatch nation handles keepers who have draft rounds tied to them. For example Guice in the 15th vs Golladay in the 10th. Cheatsheet has Golladay higher but the round value changes a lot doesnt it.

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