Saturday Sleepers: Running Backs (2012 NFL Draft)

NFL Draft Round 4-7 Saturday Sleepers – Running Backs
Byron Lambert,

Several quality running backs are still available to be drafted in rounds 4-7 of the 2012 NFL Draft. Their real football skills offer serious merit as do their potential fantasy contributions. Here are the names I would still be excited to hear my team call:

Lamar Miller
I don’t get it. He is on the linebackers before they can even react. So what if he’s not “shifty” or “elusive”? He is an upright slasher that finds his seam and blows the doors off. Lately, this running style has proven plenty effective in the NFL. Think DeMarco Murray, Chris Johnson, Darren Mcfadden, Jamal Charles.

Vick Ballard
One of my favorite players from the Senior Bowl. Not spectacular at any one thing but capable of doing everything pretty well. He runs with power but also has some explosion. He can catch the ball and block. His more coveted college teammate, Fletcher Cox, says he is extremely tough to tackle.

Cyrus Gray
His value is tremendous.This kid is a dynamic playmaker that has the potential to contribute in a very similar fashion to several RBs taken much higher in this draft. While he is probably a “complimentary back” and all that implies, Gray is bigger than you think and his frame is NFL ready.

Terrance Ganaway
Has improved a ton throughout this draft process. He looked very good at his pro day, showing off strength (22 reps), speed (4.5), and very adequate hands in drills. His size and build are his most striking features and at the very least he will have a role as a power-back but I think he can do more. When interviewing Terrance, I also found out how good of a head he has on his shoulders.

Chris Rainey
I don’t really love him or his attitude. He will have a very defined role that will create opportunities for production in several phases of the game. Has big play potential.

Dan “Boom” Herron
A classic Big 10 RB. Not flashy, runs north and south with power, gets positive yards, sturdy build. While not spectacular, this style lends itself to the pro game. The kind of production that doesn’t always excite fans but really satisfies coaches.

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