Senior Bowl Spotlight: Garrett Grayson, QB Colorado State – 2015 NFL Draft

Garret Grayson Invite
Height: 6’2″
Weight: 220 Pounds

NFL Comparison: Mark Sanchez

Scouting Notes

After racking up 10 wins during the 2014 season, Colorado State QB Garret Grayson is on the NFL draft radar and has accepted an invitation to play in the 2015 Senior Bowl. It’s a smart move. We can’t think of a quarterback we’ve scouted in Mobile that hasn’t been drafted, outside of Kellen Moore who we proclaimed (to much disdain from the Twitterverse) to be undraftable.

Statistically, Grayson produced plus completion percentages and touchdown-to-interception ratios at CSU. Of course, he comes to the NFL with the same concerns as the majority of quarterback prospects we see these days – he hasn’t played under center and we need to see more “NFL” throws out of him.

There are some indicators we like, though. Grayson has good arm strength, and still throws with touch (Another example of the anti-Ryan Nassib rule). He demonstrates the ability to throw with power to either sideline, and he can hit the deep seam route in traffic.

Grayson will obviously need to clean up his mechanics and footwork in his drop, but he has naturally good footwork in the pocket under pressure. He’s very calm as he sidesteps pressure while still looking to throw, and he’s not easy to bring down. He doesn’t run that well outside of the pocket but has the mobility/escapability to avoid pressure and throw on the rollout.

He’s also good in the quick-passing game, where he plays with command, makes quick decisions, and possesses the accuracy to allow his receivers to make a big play after short catches in free areas.

Overall, through our initial review, we find Garrett Grayson to be a sleeper quarterback prospect.

It will be interesting to see if he checks out live and in person at the end of January.

vs. San Jose St. 2014

Love the way he side steps pressure and makes an accurate short pass

Needs to improve throwing base and footwork, but has strong enough arm to throw from unorthodox platforms

Arm strength, footowork, etc and 2nd read then comes back to dump-off

vs. Wyoming 2014

Sideline touch between defenders for a TD

Great pass down the seam in traffic – touch and power

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