St. Louis is Best Case Scenario

St. Louis is Best Case Scenario
Byron Lambert,

A noticeable omission from Alex’s article  is Brandon Lloyd. That is because he deserves his own article. Of all the winners, Brandon Lloyd may be the biggest. As a Lloyd owner not only am I relieved I am ecstatic.

The Rams are the best case scenario. I now believe even better than had he stayed in Denver because of the difference in QBs and offensive systems. There should be a lot more upside long term in St. Louis.

When previously discussing potential destinations for Lloyd I was really high on the Rams. My primary fantasy football concerns were the transition and the QB. Both concerns have been alleviated. The Lloyd/Josh McDaniels connection is huge. The offense will be familiar and the transition should be fairly quick and fairly smooth. Not having to learn the nuances of a new offense will hopefully protect against those dreadfully inconsistent stretches you fear.

Yes, I suggest QB/WR chemistry takes time. So no we won’t get the best of the Bradford/Lloyd combo until late in the season but I do think their “best” will be pretty darn good. In the short term though, I really think Sam Bradford’s tremendous accuracy will help mask the transition and keep production up. Bradford is also just a good QB period. He already has a knack for making mediocre WRs look solid and there a really no other viable options in STL. Brandon Lloyd could emerge as a target monster.

One piece of news that does temper short term expectations is that Bradford has the dreaded “high ankle sprain”. I think QBs can probably manage that injury better than skill players. I don’t expect him to miss a bunch of time but its not great news. The injury is also unfortunate because I do believe sometimes you see big games right off the bat from recently traded players before they quiet down a bit as they transition. Moral of the story? I would watch the Bradford news and consider keeping Lloyd on the bench his first game or two. Expect good things though as the season progresses!

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