Summer ADP Risers: Terry McLaurin, Robert Woods, Kenyan Drake

Players Flying Up Draft Boards
by Alan Seslowsky

This is the time of the year training camp reports normally start to circulate fast and furious. Anytime a piece of “news” gets circulated on social media, fantasy football players are quick to react; at times over-react. This is going to be an unusual off-season, where beat writers and boots on the ground at NFL practices are going to be limited in what they can report. We need to parse through the information that is circulating and adjust our cheat sheets accordingly. It will be equally important to figure out what is actionable and what we can ignore. All summer long RosterWatch will be curating this information for our Pro subscribers. Below are a few players we have noticed are making a significant rise up draft boards.

Terry McLaurin (ADP 58 WR24)

Terry McLaurin aka “Catch TMC” aka “F1” aka “Scary Terry” has been one of the most under-valued WRs all off-season. His ADP was nearly in the sixth round of spring drafts and is now solidly on the 4/5 turn in many leagues. McLaurin is going to be the number one target in the Washington passing game. The recent season-ending injury to teammate Kelvin Harmon cements TMC’s importance to this offense. Terry could be a sneaky be amongst the league leaders in targets this season. RB inflation has pushed some great players like Terry McLaurin down draft boards. He remains a RosterWatch favorite, at ADP. The newest version of the cheat sheet will adjust Terry McLaurin’s position to make sure we still get a healthy share of him.


Robert Woods (ADP 40 WR18)

Woods is a name that has not been analyzed much this off-season, but drafters are warming up to. When bestball drafters have “stake” in the game they want certainty at WR. He is now getting drafted in the same tier with popular picks like Calvin Ridley, AJ Brown, and DK Metcalf. RosterWatch co-founder Alex Dunlap cautions that Woods has a tough projected schedule. The rise of Woods’ ADP could be that drafters noticed he was a top 12 WR over the last half of 2019. RosterWatch’s senior analyst, The Trashman, thinks Woods could see a heavier target volume with Brandin Cooks no longer on the team. For those who use the RosterWatch Ultimate Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet, you will likely be directed to other WR options other than Woods. 


Kenyan Drake (ADP 12, RB9)

Many RosterWatch articles and podcasts have talked about Kenyan Drake. Going back to bestball drafts in March he was a late second-round pick, with an ADP of 24. We have watched his draft stock tick up slowly as the circumstances and confidence in Drake improved. First, he was a pending free agent, then he was signed to a secure one year, then Arizona did not add any significant threat to his touches. Also, the players getting drafted ahead of Drake had some adverse circumstances arise. For example, Dalvin Cook‘s holdout threat. At the beginning of July, Drakes’s ADP had crept up to 16th overall. He is now solidly in the first round, with an ADP of 12 overall. RosterWatch is still drafting Drake at the end of the first round. 

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