Switching Gears: Focus on Your Starting Lineup

Switching Gears: Focus on Your Starting Lineup
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

Going back to my preseason article “Last Minute Tips” (http://rosterwatch.com/?p=354) my mantra has been “depth early in the season, your best starting lineup late in the season”.

Now that we are heading in to the last third of the regular fantasy football season your main concerns have to be: wins, points, and getting the playoff bye. Once the playoffs come around the extra points on your bench will do you no good either. So it is also time to start shaping your playoff roster. The depth has been great for navigating the early part of this long season and the bye weeks as well as building trade value and hedging against injuries.

Now it is time to start consolidating those pieces in to your best starting lineup possible via trades. This may be a process so it is definitely time to start working on that now. There are a few bye weeks ahead so you do want to be conscious of that but trade deadlines are also nearing so you cannot wait too long.

I would suggest targeting struggling teams to elicit the most value. You may also want to look for teams with lopsided rosters. Many times that imbalance can lead to reasonable trades. Those owners don’t usually have a ton of leverage but tend to be motivated to deal.

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