Texans or Bengals Should Race to Draft Arkansas WR, Joe Adams

NFL Draft: Texans or Bengals Should Race to Draft Arkansas WR, Joe Adams
Byron Lambert, Rosterwatch.com

It would be like adding a cherry red Ferrari to the garage. That is what immediately comes to mind when I think of drafting Joe Adams. You watch his highlights and literally feel like you have the pedal to the floor, its quite exhilarating.

When examining the landscape of the draft it is clear the two teams that could really benefit from a Ferrari are Houston and Cincinnati. You can’t buy the flashy exotic unless you already have a couple of daily drivers. Probably a sedan, suv and another sports car. The Texans and Bengals both have a garage full of cars and a couple of very capable drivers. These two surging AFC teams could really use a Sunday hotrod.

The second thing you think of when watching Adams is Desean Jackson. His film can sometimes get outright freaky. We watched him have a terrific week of Senior Bowl practice capped off with a monster performance in the game to back up the tapes we’ve seen. This guy is legitimate and can have an immediate impact in the NFL at WR and on special teams. He has potential to be a Desean Jackson-ish 1A/1B but where he can be really explosive is as a #2 compliment to a beast on the other side. That is where the Texans and Bengals come back in the conversation.

Andy Dalton is so proficient you know he could make use of his new toy immediately. Adams also compliments the Bengals offense perfectly, opposite a big WR like AJ Green with the monster Jermaine Gresham on the inside at TE. This aerial attack could be frightening.

As for the Texans, even if Schaub doesn’t come back healthy we have seen Yates is capable. Houston has the best run game in the league which heavily favors setting up deep play action pass and Andre Johnson consistently requires double coverage. Not to mention, Kevin Walter is getting long in the tooth. Adams would add a home run element the Texans have only seen when CJ2K comes to town. The Texans would be an incredible destination for Joe Adams.

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