Texas Winter Storm Affecting Site and Content Operations

Due to the ongoing winter storm affecting the state of Texas, most members of the RW content, web development and admin teams have been affected by service interruptions from their respective internet, power, water and cellular data providers. We apologize for the recent pause in content across RosterWatch platforms this unprecedented storm has caused, and assure you operations will begin returning to normal as team members’ services are restored.

Thank you for your patience, and as always, for your loyal support.


  1. Just a quick shoutout to Rosterwatch Nation specifically Alex and all of those behind the scenes working and living in Texas. My hope is that everyone is safe and that everyone finds themselves in a better place soon. Hang in there guys you have a whole Nation behind you.

    1. thank you very much, it means the world to us — we are going to make it through.

  2. Post By The Frugal Degenerate

    Take it easy fellas. Spinning some Jefferson on the rocks for you all. Be safe and blessed.

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