Thanksgiving Turkeys: Stafford, Romo, Rice, Gore

Thanksgiving Turkeys: Stafford, Romo, Rice, Gore
Byron Lambert,

Like a massive shot of tryptophan to the blood, these players were some Thanksgiving turkeys that delivered real fantasy snoozers. We semi-expected it from Ray Rice (7 pts.) and Frank Gore (3 pts.) in a game that projected to be a defensive struggle. Stafford and Romo though, they were a major let down for hopeful fantasy owners.

In the early game, a Lion’s loss to the Packers, Matt Stafford had a rough run throwing three interceptions! You could argue two of those were not his fault, but geeze! The 276 yards passing were respectable but only one TD really hurt. Luckily, a 2 pt conversion and 31 yards rushing saved owners from a total single digit Thanksgiving nightmare, helping Stafford post a 13 point game.

Another 13 point game another fantasy turkey, Tony Romo. After a string of monster games Romo came up short this week. Interceptions were also the culprit for Tony who threw two of them to Miami. The two TDs were nice but the 226 yards were less than we have come to expect.




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