The Chiefs are Looking Hard at Running Backs in 2012 Draft

The Chiefs are Looking Hard at Running Backs in 2012 Draft
Alex Dunlap, Rosterwatch.comĀ 

In catching up with my voice notes from Senior Bowl week, I neglected to report an interesting tidbit I picked up from one of the Chiefs scouts following Wednesday practice.

After noticing that the Chiefs had scouts interviewing most every player at the running back position at the Senior Bowl, it prompted me to ask one of them if they were looking to take a running back early. Thomas Jones is very old and very done. Dexter McCluster is a gadget back with no truly defined role. Jackie Battle has been on and off practice squads his entire career. They have less depth at RB than most teams in the league, and if 2011 showed them one thing, its that they need a solid compliment to Jamaal Charles in case anything happens injury-wise.

He gave me the standard scout-speak “We’re looking at everyone” bit, but then said- “but yea- obviously its something we’re keeping an eye on.”

Romeo Crennel was in attendance at all 3 practices and was far more accessible and integrated with his scouts than most other head coaches. Generally, when coaches/GMs are present and immersed in the event along with the scouts, the scouts will seek feedback about players with whom to conduct interviews from their superiors.

Translation: They are looking at running backs, and will likely be taking one early.

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