The Miami Quarterback Contest

Where’s Marino when you Need him?
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,

Hold my calls, I’m going to Miami go try out for the Dolphins’ quarterback spot.

Ok, the chances that I could actually compete for a starting job at any position in the NFL are slim to none, but if there was a roster I’d have a chance to crack, it would be in Miami. Don’t look now, but Ryan Tannehill might not be who we (I mean everyone else but me, and Alex) thought he was.

According to the Palm Beach Post, The rookie is no longer in the running for the starting spot in Miami heading into training camp due to “untimely mistakes”. Tannehill has had a particularly tough time throwing into traffic. So, it looks as if he’ll be handling a clipboard for at least the first part of the season, and probably more.

That leaves incumbent Matt Moore and newly acquired David Garrard to battle it out for the top spot. Moore is underwhelming on film, but he did have the 5th best passer rating versus the blitz last season and a deep ball that actually goes deep. He did a decent enough job last year to stay put, but surprisingly it’s Garrard who is leading the competition thus far in camp. Not bad for a 34 year-old coming off of back surgery, who hasn’t played in a West Coast offense since college.

I always thought Garrard was undervalued in Jacksonville. He had good footwork, and he made the most of a less than desirable wide receiving corps. But he wasn’t very successful there, and I don’t know that he will garner wins in Miami either. He’s in a much similar position personnel- wise. I don’t see Garrard overcoming mediocrity without superstar talent to back him up, and the Dolphins are currently void of that. It could be a long season in South Beach. Outside of the running game, I can’t currently advocate relying on any Dolphins for fantasy purposes.

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