The Sunday Snoozer

The Sunday Snoozer
Byron Lambert,

Well its not what the NFL schedule maker had in mind. Thank the football gods for fantasy because week 8 is the week of the “Sunday Snoozer.” Snoozers are the games that are best enjoyed horizontally from the couch. You also yearn for Jim Nantz’s soothing Sunday golf voice as you stretch out. Folks get your PJs out because that is what we have on our hands this Sunday, a full slate of Sunday Snoozers.

The good news is you have your fantasy team to keep you interested tomorrow while you watch games that are like taking sleeping pills:

Colts @ Titans – no Peyton Manning
Saints @ the winless Rams – no Sam Bradford
Dolphins @ Giants – Matt Moore at the helm
Vikings @ Panthers – 3 combined wins but the rookie QB bowl could be good enough to keep you awake
Cardinals @ Ravens -Arizona is painful to watch. Huge disparity in talent. Kevin Kolb…..uggghhhhhh
Jaguars @ Texans – Blaine Gabbert and Jags pee pee offense and no AJ
Redskins @ Bills – Weird game in Toronto. John Beck. Could turn out to be a 4th quarter thriller
Lions @ Broncos – Tim Tebow time?
Patriots @ Steelers – Might be game of the week
Browns @ 49ers – Doesn’t sound sexy but the Niners games have been fun to watch this year.
Bengals @ Seahawks – Talk about not sounding sexy
Cowboys @ Eagles – Good thing you slept all afternoon this Sunday night game should sizzle
Chargers @ Chiefs – Don’t love the way either team is playing. Matt Cassel is pretty bad. Potential to be a good division battle for positioning.

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