The Vikings Play Hardball with Harvin

Starvin’ Harvin
Dorian “The Trashman” Colbert,

The Minnesota Vikings seem like one team that can ill afford to lose the best receiver and second-most potent offensive weapon in one fell swoop, but that seems exactly what they’re prepared to do regarding their maligned semi-superstar Percy Harvin.

And they may have good reason.

Word around the league is that Harvin wants Megatron money which is in the neighborhood of around 12 million. Only Larry Fitzgerald and the aforementioned Calvin Johnson make that kind of money at the receiver position, although the unemployed Titus Young, Sr. believes he deserves that much as well.

While no one touches Johnson in that department, Harvin has been more productive than Fitzgerald over the past several years, but then so has pretty much every number one receiver on any given team. Sure, Fitz is most certainly a victim of his surroundings, but Harvin, when healthy, has thrived in spite of them. As mentioned, one of only two viable options in the Vikings offense—and for several games during AP’s absence, the only option two years ago—Harvin has carried the Vikings and many fantasy teams. But last season was different.

Last season Harvin only managed to get through 9 games, and when in the game, was largely overshadowed by the Herculean efforts of Adrian Peterson and his newborn knee. Along with a disconcerting tirade against coach Leslie Frazier, Harvin hasn’t done anything recently to endear himself to his team. No one player, except for perhaps AP, is bigger than the organization they play for, and if the recent Titus Young, Sr. episode is any indication, teams are not afraid to cut of their noses to spite their face.

In Young, Sr.’s case it was more like a zit, but you get my point.

Due to his injury history and attitude problems, Harvin isn’t getting the kind of market value one might expect for a player of his caliber. A second or third-rounder in exchange is a stretch it seems. Still, someone will ante up for the spellbinding utility man, I’m just not sure it will be the Vikings. And if they do, it could be halfway into the season before they strike a deal. This could be a nightmare for fantasy owners.

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