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Three Players That Won Mandatory Minicamps

The Trashman returns with three rankings moves this week in the Top 250 Dynasty Rankings

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Dynasty Rankings Update: 6/19/24

Calvin Austin, Steelers
Age: 25
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 210
Updated Rank: 201
I loved Austin as a prospect coming into his rookie year in 2022, as he was a standout performer at the Senior Bowl leading up to it. Fast and elusive, Austin’s skillset wasn’t utilized anywhere close to its full extent that year, he was red-shirted, or even the next(17/180/1) with Kenny Pickett under center. Austin has his best chance yet to make a dent in the fantasy landscape with Russell Wilson at the helm of the Steelers offense. Wilson is a shadow of his former self, but he’s better than Pickett, and his waning arm strength could make Austin a useful underneath target. Able to do a lot with a little, Austin stands to make a big leap in fantasy this season.

Casey Washington, Falcons
Age: 23
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: unranked
Updated Rank: 250
The 187th pick in the draft, Washington has been making headway in a less than overwhelming Falcons WR corps, behind Drake London. London, in fact, has been talking up Washington, saying he’s been “killing it” in OTAs and minicamp. A 2024 Shrine Bowl alum, Washington was a solid interview and was noted catching the ball well in traffic during practices. Normally this kind of news wouldn’t necessarily move the needle, but the fact that it involves a fairly open WR corps, as well as Washington practicing with the 1s and 2s, makes him a prospective PPR asset, should he work his way into the starting three.

Blake Corum, Rams
Age: 24
Movement: Rising
Previous Rank: 88
Updated Rank: 80
Kyren Williams‘ owners started a collective sweat whenever Corum was drafted in April, and they have to be changing shirts now that Corum is standing out in offseason practice sessions. It’s one thing for a beat writer to speculate about a player’s chances, but when the HC lauds a player’s performance, you have to take notice. HC McVay has gushed about Corum’s maturity and bounce back ability in practices so far, as Williams recuperates from a lingering foot injury. If Williams doesn’t hurry back soon, he may not have a starting job come September. Even if he maintains it, it may be more of a 1A, 1B situation than a clear cut leading role.


  1. Post By Jon in Cedar Park / PLAY THE SONG

    Dynasty trade question:
    i was offered to get George Kittle and the 2.9 in our upcoming rookie draft. and give up Jayden Reed.

    My only tight end i currently have is Evan Engram.
    I am pretty loaded with running backs. I am a bit short on WR, but only have to start 1. If i give up Reed I will still have
    Brandon Aiyuk, Jacobi Meyers, Rashee Rice, Jameson Williams.

    It would give me 4 rookie draft picks total. the 1.10 / 2.09 / 2.10./ 3.10

    I am leaning no, but wanted to see what you all think.

    1. Post By Jon in Cedar Park / PLAY THE SONG

      It’s a 12 team, PPR. It is not superflex

      1. Sorry I missed this but that’s a NO from me.

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