Tim Tebow: Does He Have Any 2013 Fantasy Value as a Patriot?

Tim Tebow: Will He Be Fantasy-Relevant?
The Trashman, Rosterwatch.com
Photo By Alex Dunlap

It’s a presumptuous query so early in his stay in New England to ponder whether Tim Tebow will be fantasy-relevant in 2013. Tebow is not even a lock to make the Patriots final roster come the regular season, much less provide some sort of fantasy value if he does. Still, one has to wonder what Bill Belichick has in store for the young man.

Was it simply a move by New England to make something out of a player that New York couldn’t seem to utilize properly? Ha, I wouldn’t put it past Belichick, who seems to relish using obscure players in ways that aren’t expected. The rotating cast of characters in the Patriots backfield commonly attests to that aspect of his character. That’s the running back position though, and numerous outlets as well as Coach Belichick himself state that Tebow was signed to play quarterback, a position that Tom Brady has in a stranglehold for both the near and distant future.

Truth be told, I don’t really trust ESPN or Belichick, so I’m not sure Tebow’s role will be confined to strictly operating under center. I can see him being a Danny Woodhead-type of role player who can also throw the ball… Well, sort of throw the ball. Unfortunately, he has players like Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen, just to name a few,  to compete with for touches in that case.

Tebow will get some goal line carries, but no one will have any idea when, and this is why I can’t justify drafting Tim Tebow in any league. With no guaranteed money in his contract, and an attitude that any team could stand to have more of, I can see why the Patriots took the chance, though. A very low-risk move in a system where circuses and nonsense aren’t allowed. And from his perspective, it’s a great opportunity to learn from Tom Brady, arguably the best quarterback in the game. Tebow may get another chance to be someone’s starter, but it won’t be in New England.

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