Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak Indicates More Carries for CJ2K

Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak Indicates More Carries for CJ2K
Alex Dunlap, RosterWatch.com

After his dismal performance in Tennessee’s Week 1 loss to division foe Jacksonville, Titans Head Coach Mike Munchak said at today’s press conference that they needed to get the ball in Chris Johnson’s hands more often in order to win ball games.

He also reported that the sky is blue and that Alex Trebec acts like a know-it-all jerk.

In week 1, it appeared that Chris Johnson’s preseason hold out had a temporarily detrimental impact on his performance. He finished the day with a disappointing 24 yards on only 9 carries.

Munchak said to expect the league’s most explosive weapon at Running Back to receive the upwards of 20 carries next week against the surging Baltimore Ravens. He went on to add that the carries were necessary to get him back up to game speed in the most expedient fashion.

This is great news for Chris Johnson fantasy football owners.

In 48 career games, Chris Johnson has only rushed for under 98 yards 5 times when receiving at least 18 carries. He’s the type of back who gets stronger as the game wears on and he needs the rock often to take advantage. The margin of error on the defensive side of the ball when facing Johnson is minute to non-existent. Fatigue and mental errors on defense are disastrous against a runner like CJ2K. One slip up and Gus Johnson starts yelling about “getting away from the cops speed” from the press box.

We expected a little rust coming into this season, and Week 1 was truly a Rusty Trombone to the face of Titans fans and Johnson owners. It is hard to get too excited about next week’s matchup against a Ravens defense that held Rashard Mendenhall to only 45 yards in Week 1, but CJ2K owners can find solace in knowing that the Titans organization has now noted publicly that they have recognized the need to start sandblasting the rust off their lambourghini.

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