Touchdown Dependency Tool Updated for Week 15

Byron BylineAn old standby of RosterWatch Nation are Touchdown Dependency metrics. Every season, we begin tracking these in Week 4, and the numbers are in for Week 15. Overly touchdown-dependent players offer unsustainable and unpredictable long-term production. These players are good candidates to sell-high on in our season long leagues or to expect possible TD-regression from. These are players to we can consider fading in our DFS lineups on efficiency sites.

Check out the new-and-improved online TD Dependency Tool available in your downloads section by clicking here!


  1. Dede Westbrook or Josh Gordon in 1PPR?

    1. Joshua Gordon

    2. I like the safety of Dede catches but Gordon def has more upside.

  2. Would I be crazy for starting either DeDe or JuJu over Mike Evans?

  3. 1 Point PPR. Pick 2

    J Gordon, M Evans, and T Hill

    1. Sit Hill

  4. Post By

    Standard league help please. Pick 2
    Jordy, Hogan,Ajayi,Mike Davis,Henry

    1. Ajayi and Jordy (if Rodgers plays)

  5. PPR league need 2 wr 2 rb’s and a flex out of A. Brown, K. Allen, D. Baldwin, AJ Green, K. Hunt, Gurley, J. Howard, D. Freeman and Lynch.

    1. Holy shit this team is stacked! AB is a must. Then I go will Allen as the other WR. For RB I would roll with Gurley and Hunt

  6. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Dudes, hate to pester you in such a busy time but I was eliminated in 5 leagues last week ( all with kamara) and I have 4 left. ( all with Kamara )

    I have to start one of these funk soul brotha’s in the flex – full pt ppr

    M Jones
    R Anderson

    Lastly I own a lot of NE Def – who failed me last week not getting 5 points vs the lowly phins
    would you drop em for Atlanta, the rams, or skins ?

    1. Jones is going to have a good game.

    2. I’d drop for Skins

      Forget Anderson – it’s Jones/Hogan vs Lynch

      It’s Marvin Jones vs Marshawn Lynch. The Trashman owns both of those guys, so I’d wait and check his flex rankings. Hang Low BVIC!!!!

  7. need a flex ….one point PPR plus RBS get .3pts per rush attempt —– KHunt home vs Chargers….MDavis home vs RAMS or AGreen at Minn ??? MY starting lineup RB1Gurley & RB2 ACollins WR1 KAllen WR2 JGordon

  8. Post By Baron VonIronCock

    Is Eyak one of the RW crew or a RW fanatic ?

    1. Fanatic, but an absolutely terrific and MANIACAL member of RWNation. You guys need to help each other in here!

  9. Flex Q — Need to choose 1 — .5 PPR — Collins, Evans, or Lynch — my starters are Kamara, Fournette & Brown & Cooks, Thanks

    I’m leaning towards Collins.

    1. Looks like you may need to put Collins in regardless w/ LFs status. Would prob play Evans in that case in a ppr format

  10. Need Three RBs and 3 WRs

    RBs — Freeman, Gordon, Collins , Hunt & L Murray
    WRs — Crabtree, M Goodwin, M Thomas, Woods & Dede

    thanks much RW

  11. Need some flex help! PPR
    Derrick Henry
    Or I could pick up Kerwynn, Mike Davis, or Powell…

    1. Prob Mike Davis or Kerwynn

  12. Post By

    Need help! Keenum or Stafford.

    Also I need 1, Cobb, Hogan or Inman

    1. Surprisingly, our analytics love Keenum this week. Although, our personal rankings we have them back2back w/ Stafford one spot ahead- and we all have it ranked like that. Gun2Head, I feel more comfortable w/ Stafford for my playoff life, in a very close call.

  13. Post By Fantasy Not So Bright

    Standard League: Flex Position (need 1)

    AJ Green @ MN
    A. Morris @ Oakland
    S. Perine v. Arizona
    Mike Evans v. Atlanta

    1. Evans

      1. maybe Perine in STD- very close- prob Evans gun to head

  14. PPR TE Help! Rudolph out, ASJ, RSJ, Burton?

    1. Prob RSJ

  15. Probably a pick em even based on the rankings but, Cousins or Goff? Gut is Goff just based on game implications but I can be swayed

  16. Post By Austin Benedict


    Clay, ASJ, Burton, Watson, Seth Anderson, Njoku, Jesse James, Julius Thomas

    Foles, Gabbert or Cutler?

    Wentz and Rudolph owner.

    1. clay, foles. sorry for the bad luck

  17. Need a flex ??? 1 pt PPR plus .3 pts per rushing attempt—- K Hunt or Mike Davis…. am I overthinking on Hunt??? Or is Davis for Seattle going to run all over the rams

  18. i like them borh , but i have to go hunt, especially in ppr

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