TRADECAST 2020 Season Finale

Byron Lambert returns with the epic RosterWatch TRADECAST for Week 11 in 2020 fantasy football leagues. He’ll help you — through classic game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy market values — to identify which players you should be targeting in trades, as well as which players you should be selling.

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  1. .5 PPR 12 Team

    Need to drop one

    Melvin Gordon, Lat Murray, Cam Akers , Boston Scott

    QB- Tua, Tannehill
    WR: M Thomas, Tyreek, Golladay, Hollywood
    RB: Sanders, Carson, Chubb, Gibson, Gordon, Akers , L Murray, B Scott
    TE: Waller

    1. I’d prob drop Akers

  2. In a 2 QB league. How should I prioritize these guys? (I have them all)

    Stafford, Daniels, Bridgewater, PJ Walker, Winston, Taysom Hill.

    Lots of injuries. Which back ups are the best, and is Winston better than Stafford or Teddy?

    1. Loos like Teddy, Taysom, Stafford, Winston to me

  3. I’ve been offered Tyrek Hill for Chubb.

    My RB’s are a jones, Chubb, Gordon, chase Edmonds, Fournette.

    My Wr’s are Keenan Allen, Justin Jefferson, Jacobi Meyers, Tim Patrick

    Strat two RB and Two Wr with one flex.
    1/2 pt ppr

    I’m thinking I should decline but it’s tempting. Thoughts?

    1. I’d keep Chubb, he has a monster schedule– keep working on other way to improve WR— send Gordon + Meyers to somebody for a low end WR1 / high end WR2

  4. Tradecast is the fucking tits!
    Sad it’s the last one.
    Can’t believe we’ve made it this far…

    1. Damn dude, you have it right! It’s a crazy season way down in the foxhole that’s for sure. Thanks as always Frank Grimes!

  5. Trade PPR – Feel like Akers should get some run getting closer to the playoff since they drafted him high?

    Getting: Akers
    Giving: Slayton and Hardman

    Rbs: Sanders, Zeke, Moss, Ahmed and D. Harris
    Wrs: Robinson, Allen, Claypool, Aiyuk, Fulgham, Grant, Mims, Slayton and Hardman

  6. That’s fine if you have a hunch!

  7. I took your advice and offered Gordon & Meyers for low end WR1/high end WR2. I got Terry Mc Lauren. Seems to fit into that category. Thanks for the advice!

    1. Nicely done green pea.

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