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Byron Lambert returns with his weekly cult-favorite TRADECAST pod for Week 7 of the 2021 season. Byron will help you, by combining classical training in game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy football redraft values, to identify ways to improve your fantasy football team via the trade market. If you enjoy this podcast, please become a PRO member at to support our work.

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  1. 12 team .5ppr Superflex

    Been offered Derrick Henry for Josh Allen

    Current team
    QB Allen, Murray, JimmyG and Lance
    RB Miles Sanders, Mike Davis, M Carter, K Herbert, and Mattison
    WR Mike Williams, Chase, AB, and Tyler Boyd
    TE Waller
    Got Mike Thomas in IR slot

    Would u make this trade? No QBs on waiver wire so I have no depth there but big impact to my RB… Thoughts.

    As always much appreciated!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d probably do it – you should look to trade Herbert and someone else in another separate consolidation trade to upgrade something else

      1. Thanks!

  2. Who do you like better this week Carr or Wentz?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Very close – play the matchup and the game total

  3. Post By Chelo Méndez

    12-team – 0.5 PPR – 3-3 (3 straight dubs!)

    QB: Mahomes
    RBs: Swift, Edmonds, Sanders
    WRs: Jefferson, Ridley, Marquise, Beckham, Pittman, Golladay
    TE: Andrews

    I’m not sure as to what my next moves should be. Yes, I’ve won 3 straight, but I haven’t been averaging a lot of points on those wins. I feel as if my whole team is full of buy-low players any advice? Thanks!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I think you could trade Hollywood and another player for an upgrade at RB or WR

  4. 14 team .5 ppr. Start 3 wr 2 rb and a flex sitting at 3-3

    RBs: Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon, Damien Harris, Stevenson and Marlon Mack.
    WRs: Lamb, Julio, st brown, quez watkins, Slayton and Fuller
    (Injury has killed me)

    Would you consider a deal receiving Mike Davis, Bateman and Toney and trading away Harris and Julio (or any WR not named lamb)

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No I would not

  5. Post By Byron Lambert

    Guys- I can’t include everyone in these podcasts. I was hoping to get a little more information. But, Nick Chubb is also a really nice high value target on the trade market this week if he is out again as it appears he may very well be.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Also- Chase Edmonds is a bit interesting!

  6. Post By salvatore giaimo

    Waller is on a bye next week.Would it be wise to drop Tee Higgin s for Cox for next week\

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No don’t drop Higgins-

  7. Another great Tradecast – thanks for the info!

    I’m 3-3 in a .5 Yahoo 10 teamer and received an odd trade offer from the 1st place 4-2 team:
    They send me Matt Stafford + Hockenson and I give up Sutton (and would also send J Patterson to the WW)…

    My team is

    Hopkins/Allen/Diontae J/Sutton/Meyers

    Chubb(IR)/J Robinson/Sanders/Conner/E Mitchell/M Carter/J Patterson/T Jone Jr(IR)


    Is this a straightforward yes? If yes, I would consolidate a TE+WR for a higher, more reliable level WR (or RB). Won’t get much for a QB, but I could test the market during the bye weeks…Or stay put! (I am on a 2 game winning streak).

    Thank you, Byron!

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I will have to discuss this one on the next episode Spinman! I would stay put on this one. With Brady and Fant I don’t think it does much good to bring a QB and TE on board- even if you think you can flip them (which as you say may be difficult w/ the QB).

      If you can liquidate Sutton for Hockenson and a flex with value or to solid flex players then it’s a different conversation. Why don’t you take Sutton and Conner or Sutton and Patterson and consolidate for a better skill player? Maybe go to the Antonio Gibson owner etc

  8. Post By Byron Lambert

    Guys- one more reminder to have a look at what is going on w/ Chase Edmonds and Nick Chubb in your league as well!!

  9. Trade question. Who is the best option to trade for with my first round draft pick. 12 team 0.5 PPR. Options are T Hill, D Adams, Ekeler or CMC

    1. Is this a dynasty league?

      1. No its a redraft league but 3 keepers where they were drafted. The only one I would be able to keep is Hill in the 4th. All others were in first round.

  10. Good afternoon RosterWatch Nation.

    12 team 5ppr

    D Knox is out a couple of games minimum with hand injury.

    I’ve been offered Hockenson for my Julio Jones.

    My other WRs are Tyreek, DK, Cee Dee and Waddle.

    What do you think?

    1. Absolutely make this deal. With Julio’s injury history and the Titans commitment to run the ball make this. Waddle is also about to take off. Let’s GO!

      1. Deal is done!!

        Thanks Ani.

  11. Standard scoring, long TD bonus, 12 teams.

    Thinking of offering Deandre Hopkins and Noah Fant (sells on this week’s tradecast) for Travis Kelce.

    My WR depth after this potential trade is Ja’Marr Chase, Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, Sterling Shepard, Jarvis Landry, Robby Anderson.

    Other owner is open to it, but I’d have to make this move before TNF starts…

    1. I would make this deal.

  12. Post By salvatore giaimo

    who would be a betterv wr going foward Tee Higgins or Mooney.Thank You

  13. On going discussions in. 10 team .5 Yahoo league is leading me to offer DHopkins and MSanders and I receive ZElliot – leaves me with KAllen, DJohnson, CSutton, JMeyers and NChubb, JRobinson, EMitchell, JConnor, MCarter, JPatterson and of course Zeke.

    Is this a disrespectful offer? Should I offer or will I be too thin at WR (DHop’s already low touches could shrink further)?

    Thank you!

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