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Byron Lambert returns with his weekly cult-favorite TRADECAST pod for Week 8 of the 2021 season. Byron will help you, by combining classical training in game theory and a deep understanding of fantasy football redraft values, to identify ways to improve your fantasy football team via the trade market. If you enjoy this podcast, please become a PRO member at to support our work.

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  1. 1pt PPR
    Michael Carter is my #5 RB and I have Goedert/Higbee as TEs. Carter would most likely never see the field, if he does my studs are hurt. What about sending him for D Knox? When Knox returns, is he better than Goedert ?

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      No, I would stay put you have two good TEs. Use Carter as bait in another deal, or take Carter and one of your TE and go after Waller, Kelce or maybe even Kittle or Andrews

  2. Trade question. Who is the best option to trade for with my first round draft pick. 12 team 0.5 PPR. Options are T Hill, D Adams, Ekeler or CMC. Could keep Hill in the 4th round but all others cannot keep. 3 player keeper league

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d probably Adams but it depends on your situation- Ekeler and Hill are both fine too- it’s a nice benefit you could keep Hill

  3. Post By Show Me Your TDs

    Great Tradecast as always! question for my 16 teamer at the WR spot 1PPR

    WRs: Lamb, Antonio Brown, AJ Brown (traded for Patrick and Booker two weeks ago), Hilton, Higgins, and R Moore. (Jeudy IR)

    I need to drop either Hilton or R Moore with Jeudy most likely returning this week. who do you like better ROS and as a potential round 10 keeper next year if I decide to keep one of them? Thank you.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      I’d rather have Rondale Moore than TY Hilton if you can keep him next yr

      1. Post By Show Me Your TDs

        Thank you!

  4. Gibson , j Robinson , David Montgomery, Herbert , Gordon and David Johnson
    Lamb , mike evans , d jonhnson , Gallup

    Would you trade away Evans and Gibson for Arron jones ?

  5. Post By Byron Lambert

    No but I would do it for Diontae and Gibson

  6. Copying from another post, sorry for the duplicate!

    Big time dynasty superflex trade question:

    I get: Devonta Smith, Mattison (I have Cook), 2023 1st
    I give up: McLaurin, Dillon

    I am the favorite to win it with a stacked team:
    QB: Herbert, Rodgers, Wentz
    RB: JT, Cook, Zeke, Ekeler
    WR: Davante, Hopkins, AJB, McLaurin, Godwin, Emmanuel Sanders, Kirk
    TE: Hockenson, Higbee

    I’d be giving McLaurin to another contender. I like the move longterm and would probably ask for one other smaller piece (2022 or 2023 2nd), but should I risk it to get worse this year and make another team better?

  7. With that lineup you can do whatever you want IMO. You’re deep enough at wr to take the hit and it’s a good idea to insure cook.

  8. Pulled off trading Henderson and Waddle for D Cook today while sitting in 1st with Mattison on the bench. Feels good.

    1. Post By Byron Lambert

      Excellent this is exactly what we are talking about! #ConsolidationNation

  9. Post By PhillysPhinest

    0.5 ppr Need some help.

    Chase and AJ Brown
    Williams (KC) and either Herbert or Gibson?
    Flex Sutton or K Allen?


  10. Post By Byron Lambert

    Probably Herbert (maybe Williams)
    Probably Allen- but we like Sutton here too- good options

  11. Post By

    Trade Question. 12 team half PPR I am 4-3.

    Being offered Aaron Jones and Chase Edmonds for my Deandre Hopkins and James Robinson

    Current Squad
    RBs: Kamara, Robinson, Hubbard, herbert, Drake
    WRs: Jefferson, Hopkins, Godwin, Hollywood, fuller.

    Thoughts? Seems a little steep imo but could go either way. Aaron Jones as my RB2 over Robinson. Not entirely sure if it makes my team better or not bc I would be playing marquise in place of Hopkins, not even sure I’d ever start Edmonds. But it would give me more depth at RB

    1. It’s a reasonably fair offer- the only reason to really do this though is if you think you are short at RB and deep at WR- which actually you kind of are to at least some extent. It depends on your starting roster limits. Are you leaving a good player on the bench every wk, would that still be the case if you converted Hopkins to Edmonds? I’d see how this is going to affect your starting lineup the next 1-3 wk, and look at the upcoming matchups- and byes– if you think it makes your starting lineup better over that span I would go ahead and do it. If not or you aren’t sure it won’t hurt you to stay put – but this could be effective if it balances your roster a bit and improves your starting lineup and helps you with BYEs etc

      1. Post By

        I decided to stick with what I have. Think Robinson can hold his own (although he has some tough matchups) and I really would never play Edmonds.

  12. Can I drop Jamaal Williams for Will Fuller? 1 pt PPR. 8 team. 2 QB’s/5 Flex.

    1. In an 8 tm you probably can- it’s a close call

  13. Hello!

    Diontae Johnson is being offered to me and I would give away James Conner.

    I would have RB: Kamara, D Harris, Moss, M Carter and Tony, Jr on IR; WR: Evans, Metcalf, Allen, Pittman, Callaway and Diontae Johnson.
    I would look to trade for an RB11-15 with Moss+Evans or Harris+Pittman.

    Is two step attempt a go or no go? Or is it just the initial trade offer?

    Thank you!

    1. .5 PPR Yahoo 20 teams

      1. 10 teams

  14. Post By

    I’ve got jalen hurts in a dynasty league. He doesn’t look like the Eagles long term answer, but he’s obviously producing for fantasy right now. Is now the time to trade and if so, what’s an appropriate price? Thanks guys

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